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May 2001
05.31.01 Xenosaga story, battle system details revealed
05.30.01 Final Fantasy soundtrack news
05.30.01 Phantasy Star Online ver. 2 to require fees in North America
05.30.01 Dark Cloud released in North America
05.30.01 Metal Gear Solid announced for Bleemcast
05.26.01 New Devil May Cry details, Japanese release date
05.25.01 New Dreamcast release dates
05.25.01 Square releases new Final Fantasy X media
05.25.01 E3: No US release for Star Ocean: Blue Sphere?
05.24.01 E3: Tales of Destiny 2 impressions
05.23.01 Silent Hill 2 to be Xbox launch title
05.23.01 Deus Ex 2, Thief III not to hit consoles first
05.23.01 Final Fantasy X: New story details
05.23.01 E3: Pokémon Crystal hands-off impressions
05.23.01 E3: Dragon Warrior VII impressions
05.22.01 "Your Name in MGS2!" campaign reaches 100,000 entries
05.22.01 Final Metal Gear Solid 2 interview details
05.22.01 Final Fantasy XI to require monthly fee
05.22.01 Phantasy Star Online ver. 2 delay confirmed
05.22.01 E3: More on Ephermeral Fantasia
05.22.01 E3: Saiyuki: Journey West impressions
05.22.01 Bomberman coming to GameCube
05.22.01 Final Fantasy IX to be second Bleemcast! game
05.22.01 E3: Tomak: Save the Earth: Love Story impressions
05.21.01 GameCube price, launch details leaked
05.21.01 E3: Capcom reveals its future plans
05.21.01 E3: Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth impressions
05.19.01 E3: K-Project impressions
05.19.01 E3: Okage: Shadow King impressions
05.19.01 E3: Monster Rancher 3 impressions
05.19.01 Final Fantasy: The Watch: The Pictures
05.19.01 Metal Gear Solid 2 E3 trailer online
05.19.01 E3: Pokémon GBA game named
05.19.01 Square posts Final Fantasy X summon movies
05.19.01 E3: More Soul Reaver 2 screenshots
05.19.01 E3: New Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2 media
05.19.01 E3: Pokémon GBA game named
05.19.01 Contrail announces Legend of Legaia 2, reveals Wild Arms 2
05.19.01 E3: Mega Man Battle Network impressions
05.19.01 E3: Sega drops Black & White from line-up
05.19.01 E3: Silent Hill 2 impressions
05.19.01 E3: Dragon Warrior III impressions
05.19.01 E3: Thief III and Deus Ex 2 impressions
05.19.01 E3: Tales of Destiny 2 release date, name confirmed
05.19.01 E3: Gitaroo-Man impressions
05.19.01 E3: Working Designs looking to publish for GameCube
05.19.01 E3: Arc the Lad Collection nears release
05.19.01 E3: Soul Reaver 2 impressions
05.18.01 E3: Segagaga makes an E3 appearance
05.18.01 E3: Space Channel 5 sequel still on track for Dreamcast
05.18.01 E3: Zelda GameCube unveiling coming at SpaceWorld
05.18.01 E3: One Piece Mansion footage and logo
05.18.01 E3: Farnation no longer on Dreamcast
05.18.01 E3: Advanced Wars release date, length
05.18.01 E3: New Golden Sun details
05.18.01 E3: Grandia II confirmed for PS2
05.18.01 E3: Game Boy Advance puzzle release dates
05.18.01 E3: Additional Lufia: The Legend Returns details
05.18.01 E3: Blood Omen 2 hands-on impressions
05.18.01 E3: More info revealed in Metroid Prime video
05.18.01 E3: Still more Final Fantasy IV translation news
05.18.01 E3: Metal Gear Solid 2 status update
05.18.01 E3: Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland impressions
05.18.01 E3: Agetec announces Forever Kingdom
05.18.01 E3: Phantasy Star Online GameCube impressions
05.18.01 E3: Samba's future in jeopardy?
05.18.01 E3: Frequency impressions
05.18.01 E3: Final Fantasy IV impressions
05.18.01 E3: Metroid IV screens
05.18.01 E3: The Spirits Within Impressions
05.18.01 E3: Ubi Soft to publish Jade Cocoon II
05.18.01 E3: ICO hands-on impressions
05.18.01 E3: Natsume announces GBA "Lufia" title, second GBA RPG
05.18.01 E3: High-resolution version of Star Fox Adventures footage
05.17.01 E3: Devil May Cry impressions
05.17.01 E3: First ToeJam & Earl 3 footage
05.17.01 Final Fantasy X reservation campaign begins
05.17.01 Shadow Hearts recieves a Japanese release date, price
05.17.01 E3: First Metroid IV details
05.17.01 E3: Final Fantasy Chronicles translation update
05.17.01 E3: Xbox Impressions
05.17.01 E3: The Lost Impressions
05.17.01 E3: Lufia: The Legend Returns Impressions
05.17.01 E3: First screens, artwork, and information on Kingdom Hearts
05.17.01 E3: Project Ego revealed for Xbox
05.17.01 E3: Matsushita to release combo GameCube/DVD player in North America
05.17.01 E3: Kingdom Hearts revealed
05.17.01 E3: Super Monkey Ball screens
05.17.01 E3: Sega sets us up the Bomberman Online
05.17.01 E3: Phantasy Star Online ver. 2 GameCube screenshots
05.17.01 E3: Advanced Columns screenshot and logo
05.17.01 E3: Metal Gear Solid 2 footage online
05.17.01 E3: Hanasaki Gassen coming to North America?
05.17.01 E3: Tengai Makyo returns
05.17.01 E3: Resident Evil Code: Veronica X to include Wesker's Report
05.17.01 E3: Sony unveils Frequency
05.17.01 E3: Capcom announces One Piece Mansion for U.S.
05.17.01 E3: Tales of Destiny 2 announced for U.S.
05.17.01 E3: First Jet Set Radio Future screens
05.17.01 E3: Doshin the Giant stomps onto GameCube
05.17.01 E3: Nintendo releases GameCube and Game Boy Advance movies
05.16.01 E3: Sin & Punishment on display
05.16.01 E3: Metal Gear Solid 2 trailer impressions...
05.16.01 E3: New Game Boy Advance releases confirmed
05.16.01 E3: More on Nintendo's Card-e-Reader
05.16.01 E3: Can Nintendo make a "difference"?
05.16.01 E3: More Eternal Darkness GameCube screen shots
05.16.01 E3: Still more on Star Fox Adventures
05.16.01 E3: Tactics Ogre Gaiden U.S.-bound
05.16.01 E3: Kameo miscellany
05.16.01 E3: Eternal Darkness GameCube screen shots
05.16.01 E3: Wario Land 4 not an RPG
05.16.01 E3: Rare announces Donkey Kong Coconut Crackers
05.16.01 E3: Sega developing for GameCube
05.16.01 E3: Animal Forest coming to U.S. on GameCube
05.16.01 E3: Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X footage
05.16.01 E3: GameCube software release dates
05.16.01 E3: Microsoft announces Nightcaster
05.16.01 E3: Kameo: Elements of Power screens, information
05.16.01 E3: More on Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet
05.16.01 E3: Raven Blade info, screens
05.16.01 E3: Pikmin details revealed
05.16.01 E3: Nintendo publishing Magical Vacation in North America
05.16.01 E3: First Metroid Prime screens
05.16.01 E3: Golden Sun confirmed for U.S. release
05.16.01 E3: Starfox Adventures footage hits the Web
05.16.01 E3: Gamecube release date, games revealed
05.16.01 E3: Microsoft to produce A.I. titles for Xbox
05.16.01 E3: Microsoft details Xbox online gaming
05.16.01 E3: Capcom announces Xbox titles
05.16.01 E3: Microsoft releases Xbox release info
05.16.01 E3: Capcom announced release dates, more
05.16.01 Game Boy Wars Advance U.S.-bound
05.16.01 Programming on Shenmue II finished
05.15.01 Deus Ex makes the jump to PS2
05.15.01 Boku to Maoh confirmed for US release
05.15.01 More Nintendo E3 titles confirmed
05.15.01 Zelda: Oracles games released
05.15.01 Dragon Warrior III GBC release date announced
05.15.01 Sony partners with AOL for PlayStation 2 enhancements
05.15.01 Atlus announces Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children: White Book
05.15.01 New Metroid games placed on series timeline
05.14.01 THQ to release Tetris Worlds
05.14.01 New Metroid game named?
05.14.01 More on Naughty Dog's "Project Y"
05.14.01 Square's Disney game at E3?
05.14.01 Naughty Dog posts Project Y teaser
05.14.01 GameCube logo revealed
05.14.01 Final Fantasy X 2-disc release nixed
05.12.01 Emiko Shiratori to write "Aerith's Theme" remix lyrics
05.12.01 Super Puzzle Fighter II announced for Dreamcast
05.12.01 Eidos to show both Legacy of Kain sequels at E3
05.12.01 New Japanese release dates
05.12.01 Konami announces E3 roster
05.11.01 FF X bonus track survey: final results
05.10.01 Enix comments on development plans
05.10.01 Natsume announces release date for Lufia: The Legend Returns
05.10.01 List of Confirmed E3 Titles
05.10.01 Star Ocean: Blue Sphere Japanese release info
05.10.01 GIA Commercial Break, Week Three
05.09.01 Monster Rancher 3 compatible with Sony digital cameras
05.09.01 More information on Tales of Destiny 2
05.08.01 Yu-Gi-Oh games coming to North America
05.08.01 Grandia II coming to PlayStation 2
05.08.01 Magical Vacation gameplay details, screens
05.07.01 Onimusha 2 may appear at E3
05.07.01 New Final Fantasy X world, plot details
05.07.01 EverGrace 2 release date announced
05.07.01 Square EA announces E3 line-up
05.07.01 Final Fantasy X official site opens
05.07.01 1/4 put on indefinite hold
05.07.01 Maken Shao Japanese release date announced
05.07.01 Final Final Fantasy trailer trails into theaters
05.02.01 Harvest Moon PS2 gets subtitle
05.02.01 New Tactics Ogre Gaiden details, media
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