E3: Sega developing for GameCube

[05.16.01] » Phantasy Star Online v2 and Monkey Balls coming to GameCube.

    As previously reported, Sega revealed that a number of their divisions have already begun development for the Nintendo GameCube. Also hinted was the fact that Phantasy Star Online would be going multi-platform. Today, according to IGNCube, Nintendo press materials reveal Phantasy Star Online v2, Monkey Balls, and Virtua Striker would be making their way to the GameCube. Monkey Balls, yet another irreverent-sega-title in the vein of Seaman, looks to be a quirky Marble Madness type game where the player guides a monkey through a given course, whilst collecting Dole Bananas. Phantasy Star Online v2 is an upgraded version of the wildly popular Online RPG, Phantasy Star Online.

    Both titles are slated for GameCube release sometime in 2002, while the Dreamcast version of PSO v2 is due out in Japan later this month.

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Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2
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