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March 2002
03.31.02 ICO full script
03.31.02 Devil Children PSX impressions
03.30.02 Animal Forest Plus gets new name for North American release
03.30.02 Silent Hill movie enters pre-production stage
03.30.02 Animal Leader hands-on impressions
03.30.02 PSO GameCube name change and package information
03.29.02 Arc the Lad Collection passes Sony approval
03.28.02 Kingdom Hearts hands-on impressions
03.27.02 Further details on Quest / Square
03.27.02 One last Kingdom Hearts Final Fantasy cameo revealed
03.27.02 Yasumi Matsuno on Final Fantasy Tactics GBA, Quest co-development
03.26.02 THQ and Sega to release Phantasy Star Collection, Super Monkey Ball for Game Boy Advance
03.26.02 Final Fantasy IV, V to get PAL release
03.23.02 Space Channel 5 Part 2 soundtracks to be released
03.20.02 20020220 Music from Final Fantasy CD details, release date
03.20.02 Resident Evil North American release date set
03.20.02 Kingdom Hearts gameplay details
03.18.02 Star Fox Adventures delayed again
03.18.02 Phantasy Star Online for GameCube may see modem-less release
03.18.02 .hack confirmed for US release
03.18.02 FFXI beta testing to end next month
03.17.02 Kingdom Hearts soundtrack listing, details
03.17.02 Final Fantasy X PAL details
03.14.02 GameCube Skies of Arcadia information
03.13.02 Mad Maestro ships
03.13.02 Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance announced for Xbox
03.13.02 Final Fantasy XI pricing details
03.12.02 Growlanser II headed to the US
03.11.02 More information on Square's development for Nintendo
03.08.02 Jet Set Radio Future soundtrack information
03.08.02 Square returns to Nintendo systems
03.08.02 More PS2 online details
03.07.02 Sony announces PlayStation 2 online adapter release information
03.07.02 Hundred Swords PC arrives in America
03.07.02 Fatal Frame ships
03.07.02 More on Dragon Warrior IV cancellation
03.07.02 Breath of Fire II GBA release date
03.06.02 Release dates for Grandia Xtreme, Rune, unnamed Working Designs title
03.06.02 Final Fantasy XI gameplay details
03.06.02 US release dates for GameCube Resident Evil 0, RE2
03.06.02 Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance story details
03.05.02 Dragon Warrior IV PSone US release cancelled
03.04.02 Castlevania: White Night Concerto gets American name, release date
03.02.02 Xenosaga soundtrack details
03.02.02 Breath of Fire III ported to GP32
03.02.02 Knights of the Old Republic to debut on Xbox
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