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[04.01.02 | 12:00 AM EST | feature] » Congratulations! Clear Code: GIA ELD L&K BOX SMT VSG BYE. Results within.

ICO full script
[03.31.02 | 8:00 AM EST | news] » Yorda speaks; we listen.
Devil Children PSX impressions, screenshots
[03.31.02 | 2:20 AM EST | news] » What do you get when you breed a Game Boy with a PlayStation? If Devil Children is any indication, it's a SNES. Read our full impressions of Atlus' GBC to PSone port, then check out 64 16-bitastic screenshots.
Animal Forest Plus gets new name for North American release
[03.30.02 | 10:50 PM EST | news] » "When Animals Attack Plus."
Silent Hill movie enters pre-production stage
[03.30.02 | 10:05 PM EST | news] » But will it enter the kicking-a-zombie-dog-in-the-face stage?
Jet Set Radio Future
[03.30.02 | 8:00 AM EST | review] » Smilebit's skater's not the same as it ever was. Find out what the sequel changes in a once-in-a-lifetime GIA review. There are screenshots at the bottom of the ocean!
Animal Leader hands-on impressions, screenshots, and manual art
[03.30.02 | 2:20 AM EST | news] » Animals want to change your life. Decide for yourself whether trusting them's a big mistake with our hands-on impressions, 88 screenshots, and gruesome manual art.
PSO GameCube name change and package information
[03.30.02 | 2:00 AM EST | news] » Game and modem? Game, modem, and spam? Game, modem, keyboard, and spam?
Pokémon Puzzle Challenge
[03.30.02 | 1:40 AM EST | vault] » The GIA takes a look back on the only Pokémon-infused version of Panel de Pon for the GameBoy Color.
Puyo Pop
[03.29.02 | 3:10 AM EST | review] » Sega's Puyo series has its first U.S. release on under the Puyo name on something more popular than the Neo Geo Pocket, but has the wait been worth it? Find out in our review of the 35th Puyo game put into existence.
Zettai Zetsumei Toshi box art
[03.29.02 | 12:55 AM EST | update] » The Japanese box art for Irem's upcoming disaster adventure is suitably apocalyptic.
Arc the Lad Collection passes Sony approval
[03.29.02 | 12:25 AM EST | news] » Another blue moon coincidentally due in two weeks.
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
[03.28.02 | 3:10 PM EST | vault] » The profits justify the means with the GIA's Oddworld retrospective, screenshots, and box art.
Life is what happens to you...
[03.28.02 | 10:35 PM EST | artwork] » ...while you're busy making other plans.
3 new Resident Evil monster screenshots
[03.28.02 | 10:25 PM EST | update] » Capcom gives your standard zombie an attractive manicure, several pounds of rouge, a song in his decayed heart, and a skip in his malicious step.
These are the last words I have to say
[03.28.02 | 6:45 PM EST | fanfics] » ...that's why they took so long to write...there will be other words some other day, but that's the story of my life.
Kingdom Hearts hands-on impressions and screenshots
[03.28.02 | 6:00 AM EST | news] » A giant Keyblade with a Mickey Mouse fob chain. Donald Duck and Aerith conversing in fully-voiced Japanese. Summoning Bambi. We have stared into the heart of madness and returned to tell the tale. We know it sounds impossible; that's why we brought back photographic evidence.
Further details on Quest / Square
[03.27.02 | 7:30 PM EST | news] » FFT under development by ex-Quest staff, Square acquires rights to the Ogre Battle Saga.
One last Kingdom Hearts Final Fantasy cameo revealed
[03.27.02 | 3:40 AM EST | news] » All those old rumors finally come true.
Yasumi Matsuno on Final Fantasy Tactics GBA, Quest co-development
[03.27.02 | 3:10 AM EST | news] » FFT to be a "remix," possible joint project with Quest in the works.
THQ and Sega to release Phantasy Star Collection, Super Monkey Ball for Game Boy Advance
[03.26.02 | 10:10 PM EST | news] » Window of nostalgia once again opens on the Phantasy Star series.
Shin Megami Tensei II
[03.26.02 | 4:10 AM EST | preview] » Atlus' second Shin Megami Tensei remake is out in Japan and the GIA cares. Practice caring too by reading our updated preview and checking out 35 new screenshots!
Kingdom Hearts toy extravaganza
[03.26.02 | 8:10 PM EST | update] » We've got new shots of Kingdom Hearts figures and packaging to appease both Japanese and North American consumers.
Final Fantasy IV, V to get PAL release
[03.26.02 | 7:05 AM EST | news] » Final Fantasy V's awkward translation now featuring 50% more random "u"s.
Wild Arms Advanced 3rd
[03.23.02 | 5:10 AM EST | preview] » MediaVision takes gamers back to the wild, wild West; our journal and sepia-toned photographs chronicle the journey.
Space Channel 5 Part 2 soundtracks to be released
[03.23.02 | 12:45 AM EST | news] » Double your pleasure, double your funk.
Resident Evil North American box art
[03.23.02 | 12:30 AM EST | update] » Capcom continues its legacy of ugly box art with a touching pas de deux.
18 Fire Emblem character designs
[03.22.02 | 10:40 PM EST | update] » Heroic poses and weapons abound as the cast of Nintendo's upcoming strategy RPG struts its stuff.
Mojib Ribbon
[03.22.02 | 3:30 PM EST | preview] » What could be stranger than Vib Ribbon? Find out with our Mojib Ribbon preview and screenshots.
Resident Evil screenshot update
[03.21.02 | 11:10 PM EST | update] » This week it's opening movie screenshots and more angst-filled prose from Wesker, plus the obligatory hidden weapons and goofy secret costumes!
I got no one to blame but my fat self.
[03.21.02 | 9:49 PM EST | artwork] » So here's The Biggest Update. Or at least a large one.
Lost Kingdoms Update
[03.21.02 | 12:30 AM EST | update] » Check out these character designs and Japanese box art from the game formerly known as Rune.
20020220 Music from Final Fantasy CD details, release date
[03.20.02 | 6:35 PM EST | news] » Although calling it "20020509" would ruin the cleverness.
Suikoden III
[03.20.02 | 6:15 PM EST | preview] » Find out more about life during wartime with the GIA's updated preview, 14 tiny screenshots, and 8 character designs.
Resident Evil North American release date set
[03.20.02 | 1:10 AM EST | update] » Zombie community has little over a month to prepare for upcoming rash of undead hate-crimes.
Kingdom Hearts gameplay details
[03.20.02 | 1:00 AM EST | update] » Spoiler warning: Almost no bizarre Disney / Final Fantasy juxtapositions within!
Devil Children Japanese box art
[03.20.02 | 12:15 AM EST | update] » So cute, so innocent, you'd hardly think they were affiliated with Satan.
Space Channel 5 Part 2 desktop wallpaper
[03.19.02 | 2:15 AM EST | update] » Cowboy hats, miniskirts, and fishnet stockings blend harmoniously in this trio of decorative imagery.
13 Final Fantasy XI screenshots
[03.19.02 | 1:35 AM EST | update] » A persistent online world teeming with thousands of freaky-looking chocobos.
Star Fox Adventures delayed again
[03.18.02 | 11:10 PM EST | news] » Zelda-like game faces unpleasant possibility of competing with the real thing.
Phantasy Star Online for GameCube may see modem-less release
[03.18.02 | 10:40 PM EST | news] » GameCube modem still being plumped up with dimates, trimates.
.hack confirmed for US release
[03.18.02 | 10:05 PM EST | news] » Straight from the horse's mouth.
FFXI beta testing to end next month
[03.18.02 | 12:40 AM EST | news] » But the adventure continues next next month.
Kingdom Hearts soundtrack listing, details
[03.17.02 | 5:30 PM EST | news] » What's a Disney production without a few big musical numbers? (Possible spoilers)
Fatal Frame
[03.17.02 | 4:30 PM EST | review] » The GIA takes a journey into the dark world of evil spirits to bring back a review of Tecmo's unique horror adventure. Plus, we took plenty of snapshots and met some interesting people.
Final Fantasy X PAL details
[03.17.02 | 4:55 PM EST | news] » Final Fantasy X: International finally lives up to its name.
GameCube Skies of Arcadia information
[03.14.02 | 2:00 AM EST | news » No word on GBA version of Pinta's Quest.
Mad Maestro ships
[03.13.02 | 11:55 PM EST | news] » Includes special remix of Last Nite by The Maestrokes.
Granstream Saga
[03.13.02 | 1:00 AM EST | news] » The GIA keeps the pain coming with a look back at the game with no eyes, noses, or mouths,, and 107 screenshots. Who loves ya, baby?
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance announced for Xbox
[03.13.02 | 12:50 AM EST | news] » Interplay's port of the PS2 action RPG to see release later this year.
Final Fantasy XI pricing details
[03.13.02 | 12:25 AM EST | news] » Mo' fighters, mo' money.
3 Onimusha 3 trailer screenshots
[03.12.02 | 11:45 PM EST | update] » Capcom just keeps poppin' these things out like bunnies.
Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis box art
[03.12.02 | 11:35 PM EST | update] » Not one annoying archer in sight.
Growlanser II headed to the US
[03.12.02 | 8:20 PM EST | news] » Atlus' action / strategy series finally headed to the US from a surprise publisher.
Shin Megami Tensei II box art
[03.12.02 | 12:50 AM EST | update] » Sometimes, in the fervor of receiving new box art, we might scan it incorrectly.
More information on Square's development for Nintendo
[03.11.02 | 8:50 AM EST | news] » Could the Zodiac Brave Story soon unfold in your pants?
Kingdom Hearts update
[03.09.02 | 2:15 AM EST | update] » What's this? What's this? Why it's screenshots and character designs from the Nightmare Before Christmas area in Kingdom Hearts!
18 Lufia Gaiden screenshots
[03.09.02 | 12:50 AM EST | update] » Nothing compares to the originality in Lufia; castles, deserts and big mysterious factories -- it's just one big vacation.
Jet Set Radio Future soundtrack information
[03.08.02 | 7:30 PM EST | news] » The perfect accompaniment to happy-go-lucky vandalism!
Square returns to Nintendo systems
[03.08.02 | 6:00 PM EST | news] » 'bout damn time.
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