03.28.02 Life is what happens to you...
   ..while you're busy making other plans.
01.02.02 I got no one to blame but my fat self.
   So here's The Biggest Update. Or at least a large one.
02.14.02 So many pics! So little time!
   How can I choose? (Good thing we don't have to!)
02.04.02 What is night without the stars?
   What is dark about the heart?
03.28.02 These are the last words I have to say...
    ...that's why they took so long to write...there will be other words some other day, but that's the story of my life...
02.23.02 It's the job that's never started...
    ...as takes longest to finish...
01.09.02 All we have to decide...
    ...is what to do with the time that is given to us...
12.12.01 It's a world of laughter...
    ...a world of tears...it's a world of hopes and a world of fears...
10.03.00 Open the floodgates
    After a six-month hiatus, the GIA's saved game archive returns with a vengeance. Peruse over thirty new Dex Drive saves--then learn how to submit games you make with RPG Maker!
02.18.00 Four-way dating action
    Aeris, Tifa, Yuffie, even Barret -- whatever your fetish, we have a save for you! Plus: Lunar, Thousand Arms, and VR Missions.
01.06.00 Suikoden Surprise
    Get your old-school Final Fantasy right here! Plus, a Suikoden save for spelling sticklers.
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