Parallel Universe   

All we have to what to do with the time that is given to us...

Umm...yeah...about that holiday update... It is here, along with all the other recent submissions. I blame this on:

1) My parents completely surprising me with a PS2 and FFX for Christmas
2) Lord of the Rings (if you haven't seen it yet, stop reading and GO NOW...this weekend will be my fourth time)
3) being home/out of town for three weeks, and my parents' computer being the most god awful slow beast in existence

So. It's all here. Read, for I have little else to say when I'm too busy hunting down Aragorn and Legolas figures, and student teaching starts Monday...

When the night is overcome, you may rise to find the sun,

Date Title Game Author Genre
01.09.02 Through The Beast's Eyes Final Fantasy VII SilvyrWing Serious
01.09.02 The Flower Complex Final Fantasy VII SilvyrWing Comic
01.09.02 Sprectres Of The Past Final Fantasy VI / Chrono Trigger Jason Connor Serious
01.09.02 A Christmas Shave Final Fantasy VIII Aaron D. Roberts Comic
01.09.02 A Final Fantasy 4 Christmas Final Fantasy IV Jess Edstrom Comic
01.09.02 Hell for the Holidays Final Fantasy VIII Ana Owomoyela Serious
01.09.02 The Sun's Rays Final Fantasy VI Beowulf_VII Serious
01.09.02 The Magi Final Fantasy Tactics Graham Johnson Serious
01.09.02 Not A Treasure Hunter Final Fantasy VI Missy Minerva Serious
01.09.02 0830 Hours Einhander Alexander Spoerer Serious
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