Parallel Universe   

It's the job that's never takes longest to finish...

I think everyone's been as busy as I with school(gah, student teaching) and FFX(Auron! Rikku!), because this is all I've gotten in a month. Where is everyone? Are you still smitten with Blitzball?

Still obsessing over LotR,

Date Title Game Author Genre
02.23.02 And The Darkest Hour Final Fantasy VII Asyria Serious
02.23.02 0900 Hours Einhander Alexander Spoerer Serious
02.23.02 Arrest Report Final Fantasy VII Rip Coyne Comic
02.23.02 The Fight Final Fantasy VII/VIII Jerome Anderson Serious
02.23.02 Forgiveness Parasite Eve John Fee Serious
02.23.02 Setzer's Birthday Final Fantasy VI Ashley Valdes Serious
02.23.02 Hopeless Yet Helpess Skies Of Arcadia Annie Felis Serious
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