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   As I expected, another big update. As I did not expect, incredibly slanted towards Final Fantasy, even more than usual. Strange thing is, I believe it's a cycle - I may look at the volume of FF artwork vs. non-FF artwork and think there should be more of a balance, but looking at all the great artwork of FF characters makes me want to draw those characters too. I imagine it's much the same for others who draw, hmm? Ah well, as long as it's cool and creative, I've got no real problem with it.

   And I have to say, this update is cute. There is so much cuteness in it that I can only think of one way to make it cuter - animated bunnies!

   ...Bear with me, I love this time of year and I've just rediscovered the joy of animating sprites. Happy Easter!

- Andrea Hartmann, the crazy bunny lady.

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