Submit Artwork

   The Gaming Intelligence Agency is always looking for new pieces of fan artwork to post. If you'd like to send in one of your works, please review the following guidelines:
  • It must pertain to a game within the GIA's focus; for the most part, this includes console SRPGs, adventure games, and puzzle games.
  • Certain games that are considered to be within the GIA's focus are not RPGs or puzzlers (ex. Metal Gear Solid), so if you're unsure whether or not your piece is valid for posting based on the game it depicts, simply ask.
  • JPEG or GIF format for still pictures and MOV, AVI, or animated GIF for animated pictures must be used. Do not send PSP, PSD, BMP, or other large file formats. If there is some reason why a picture can not be sent in one of the above formats, please explain, because it must be converted to one of the above formats to be posted.
  • You must include your name or internet handle, media with which the picture was done, and a commentary on the piece.
  • Inclusion of E-mail address and / or home page URL is optional. Your E-mail address will be listed unless you specifically request that it be kept confidential.
  • If you so choose, title your piece. If you don't, a default title will be chosen.
  • You can send your art via E-mail attachment or web URL. The latter is preferred, but make sure the URL is correct and functional before you submit it!
  • Multiple pictures can be submitted at once, but if at all possible, please do not send multiple pictures as file attachments. If you have multiple pictures to send, it is preferred that you submit web URLs for them instead.

Send all submissions to Andrea Hartmann,

A word on commentary

   Each piece of fan artwork posted on GIA is supplemented with commentary from the artist regarding the piece. This section is meant to allow the artist to air his or her thoughts on the piece, in addition to making note of any other points of interest. In the process, the reader will hopefully achieve some insight to the piece and artist that would not have existed otherwise.

   Your commentary can be however long or short as you'd like, but it must exist in some capacity. Suggested topics of discussion include:

  • What inspired you to create this piece?
  • What made you decide to portray this character(s) / scene?
  • Discuss your interpretative portrayal of the character(s) / scene.
  • What is your reaction to an aspect of the piece or the overall product?
  • Discuss any other points of interest you may wish to make about the piece.
   Ideas for further suggested topics of discussion are welcome.

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