[10.03.00] » Okay, so updates to the "Mission Log" section have been ... less than frequent. Blame it on a summer away from broadband and a functioning DexDrive. But the DexDrive is back in action, the transfer speeds are blistering, and this latest update brings you over 30 killer saved games. Keep sending saves and I'll keep posting them -- with far fewer months in between this time. No, really!

   The GIA would also like to open its DexDrive floodgates to user-created RPGs made using Agetec's RPG Maker program. Guidelines will be formalized next update, if it takes off. For now, please submit the following information:

  • Your name / e-mail address.
  • Name of your RPG.
  • Brief 100-word or less synopsis of the game (to be posted). Include characters, setting, etc.
  • Longer, spoiler-filled synopsis of the game (for the GIA's own edification--this will not be posted).
  • The size of the game (both system and scenario) in blocks.
  • The save file!

   RPG Maker is a great program--the GIA hopes its readers will choose to swap their creations here. After all, what good is a game if noone else plays it? DexDrives are still a mere $19.99 at EBWorld.com. Best wishes, and until next time (which won't be so far away),

   - Andrew

Saves of the Week
Game File and Type Contributor
Brave Fencer Musashi bfm.gme: End of Game M.
All the toys!
  Chrono Cross chronocross-j.gme: Interesting Scenes and End of Game Folken
Several saves before major dungeons or bosses. There is also a game complete save which was made after seeing the True ending.
Chrono Cross chronolucca.gme: Interesting Scene Joshua Slone
The great scene of Lucca's House.
Chrono Cross chronopower.gme: Powerful Characters and End of Game Sir Blaze
Three saves. One is at the beginning of the game, another is at the end, and another is New Game+ data. All three saves have powerful characters, many UltraNovas, Colored Plates, etc.
Chrono Cross chronocross.gme: Interesting Scenes Laserkid
Several saves from various events in the game (including several before different boss fights). See the .gme save descriptions for more information.
Chrono Cross chronoscenes.gme: Interesting Scenes Cidolfas
Various excellent saves throughout the regular and New Game+ including battle with Flea, Slash, and Ozzie, Nikki's concert, Dead Sea, Fort Dragonia, Terra Tower, and the requisite "everything" save. Check the notes using the DexDrive Explorer for info on each save.
Chrono Cross chronofour.gme: Interesting Scenes and Powerful Characters Mr. Saturn
1) First time through the game, right after Terra Tower; 2) First time through the game, after completion; 3) Second time through the game, right before Terra Tower; 4) Second time through the game, right after completion; 5) Third time through the game, right after Lynx, Sprigg, and Harle escape Dimensional Vortex; 6) Third time through the game, after completion; 7) Fourth time through the game, after talking to Leena; 8) After completing Terra Tower with all 44 characters, and most (if not all elements); 9) After completion with all 44 characters.
Chrono Cross chronofour.gme: Interesting Scenes Teyunde Sakurambo
Warps you straight to the Programmers' Ending on Disc 2.
  Chrono Trigger omake.gme: Interesting Scenes t.sakurambo
Unlock for omake mode of the Japanese PSX Chrono Trigger
Fear Effect fear.gme: End of Game and Powerful Character Quentin Reese
Right before the final boss. Hana has 2 .90 pistols with 106 bullets, 2 submachine guns with 206 bullets, an assault rifle with 80 bullets, and a shotgun with 40 bullets.
Final Fantasy Anthology (V) ff5.gme: End of Game and Powerful Character Sir Blaze
Three saves: one six hours into the game, one ten hours into it, and the other near the end. All classes are unlocked in each, and the characters are way too overpowered.
  Final Fantasy VI omake.gme: Interesting Scenes t.sakurambo
Unlock for omake mode of the Japanese PSX Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VIIIff8debug.gme: Interesting ScenesM.
Save in the Debug Room.
Front Mission 3 fm3alisa.gme: End of Game Quentin Reese
Three Front Mission 3 saves; one at a hundred hours, one is the ending for the Alisa missions, and the last is to begin the game again.
Grandia grandiaend.gme: End of Game Ryan Frank
At final save point with Justin at max weapon and magic levels. Feena and Rapp are at about 50 magic and weapon. Liete at about 33 or so. Have all skills except Feena's 99 water, 99 wind spell.
Legacy of Kain lokain.gme: End of Game Sir Blaze
Near the end of the game.
Legend of Dragoon lod.gme: End of Game and Interesting Scenes Sir Blaze
Three saves: One at the very end, one before entering the moon, and one just before fighting the last boss, with a battle party of Dart, Rose, and LAVITZ SLAMBERT!
Lunar: Eternal Blue Demo lunar2demo.gme: Powerful Characters Dark Sven
At the end of the demo with all characters maxed out.
Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions mgsvr.gme: Powerful Character PEEKOID
105.0% of the VR missions complete.
  Persona 2: Innocent Sin persona2is.gme: End of Game and Powerful Character Libran Luna
Perfect for a Save Transfer to Eternal Punishment. This save file is at the end of the game right before the last boss. All the characters are level 99. Tatsuya's stats are all 99 except for his luck stat. The best Persona in the game. Persona's equipped include: Tatsuya - Lucifer (strongest in the game); Maya - Satan (second strongest in the game); Eikichi - Morte; Lisa/Ginko - Michael; Jun - Vishnu. Many more Persona in the Velvet Room including the "ultimate" Persona, Apollo, Hades, etc.
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis re3.gme: End of Game Dark Sven
Game save right at the end.
SaGa Frontier II saga2.gme: End of Game and Interesting Scenes Joseph Witham
A completed game save with all scenarios are available for play. You can choose your favorite scenario or go back and look for items you may have missed. You will also have access to over 60 pre-learned abilities. Load the game, return to the title screen, select new game, and you will have access to every scenario.
Star Ocean 2 so2.gme: Powerful Character Sir Blaze
Two saves: One near Claude's end, and the other near Rena's beginning. Both are at level 255.
Suikoden II suikoden_2_gamesave_hacking.txt: Hacking Guide David Holmes
This guide instructs you on: Changing the amount of money your party has; Changing the time played (to complete the Clive subquest); Changing the name of your main character and McDohl (thus fixing the McDohl name bug), as well as your castle and army; Changing the stats of any character; Equipping or removing any rune on any character; Adding any item to your inventory; Putting any character in your party (including McDohl, either or both of the two Jowys, and both Valeria and Kasumi at the same time); Adding or removing any character on the Stone Tablet (and thus recruiting them).
Suikoden II suik2tinto.gme: Interesting Scene Scott MacDonald
During the mission at Tinto, just a bit before you choose whether to run away with Nanami or not.
Suikoden II suiko2.gme: Interesting Scene Sir Blaze
Two saves: one near the start of the game (with some characters not available until later) and a Lv. 99 crew in L'Renouille, ready for battle with the last boss.
Syphon Filter 2 syphon2.gme: End of Game and Interesting Scenes Quentin Reese
This save has the game already completed. You can use this save to go back to any mission in the game.
Tales of Destiny tod99.gme: Powerful Character and End of Game Sir Blaze
Two saves: near the beginning with an ultra powerful Stahn, and near the middle with a Lv. 99 party of Stahn, Garr, Rutee, Philia, and Lilith!
Vandal Hearts 2vandalhearts2.gme: Powerful Characters and End of GameBill Beisel
This save is at the very end. Every player is at level 52 or greater with all the best weapons and armor.
Xenogearsxenodebug.gme: Interesting ScenesM.
Save in the Debug Room.
Wild Arms 2wildarms2.gme: End of Game and Interesting ScenesSir Blaze
Four saves: one near the Alchemic Plant, two near the end, and the end game file to watch the cinemas.
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