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   The Gaming Intelligence Agency is always looking for new and interesting save games to add to our archive. But we want more than just the "end of game" saves that make up most on the Internet -- after all, RPGs are about what happens in between the start and the end! To that end, here are some of the types of save files the GIA is searching for:

  • Great Scenes: Saved games saved immediately before a touching and/or amusing sequence in a game. Examples: the "Pimp" dialogue (Legend of Legaia); Aeris' Death (Final Fantasy VII)
  • Staggered Saves: An entire card filled with saved games at various points throughout the game -- preferably right before interesting events. Players can "jump" straight into their favorite parts.
  • Multiple Pathways: It would be great to replay an RPG just to see the various ways a single sequence "could" have been -- but most gamers lack the time. These "parallel universe" save files contain save games that point to most or all of the possibilities. Examples: the Gold Saucer date (Final Fantasy VII), the many endings of Ogre Battle.

   Of course, saved games with powerful characters at the beginning, middle, or end of a game are also welcome. But if you have a save game with that something "special," all the better.

   Have a DexDrive? Dump your interesting saves, clean up the .GME file so it contains only pertinent save data, and send it as an attachment to Don't have a DexDrive? The GIA may be able to dump your saves for you. Write with a description of your available save games and we'll try to work something out.

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