Parallel Universe   

It's a world of laughter...a world of tears...It's a world of hopes and a world of fears...

Apologies for the tardiness of this update, but the last few weeks have been far too busy with finals, juries, papers and concerts. I am now finished with college, with the exception of my student teaching next semester. It's a scary thought, considering I came aboard GIA when I was only a scared little freshman. Now I'm only a scared little senior. hmm.

A repeat of the Holiday challenge. I want to do an entire update of holiday stories at the end of this year. I am thus issuing a challenge to write me the best holiday stories you can muster - Christmas, Channukah, Solstice, Kwanzaa, New Year's (stick with the winter holidays, ok?). It can be serious, romantic, poetry, sentimental, satirical - anything you'd like.

Go on...I dare you. I've already received several really cool stories, so you'd better get writing! The deadline is now set for December 19th at 11:59 PM, and the Holiday update will hopefully be Christmas Eve, simply because it's my favourite day of the year.

I'm flying home to New York tomorrow, and then out to Oregon on the 28th to spend some time with my boyfriend, who I'm sure you all know. I can't wait to see Lord of the Rings, and my dad got me tickets to the 75th Anniversayr show of the Rockettes at Radio City. That's all I'll be getting for Christmas though, since I'm absolutely broke and my parents are being kind enough to pay for my airline tickets. I'm still a sad college student who can't afford a gamecube or a PS2. Sad, indeed.

All the same, I'm grateful to be going home to New York...I only wish it was for good.

Safe travel and luck with the end of the semester/year to everyone.

Rock over New York, rock over Miami
Final Fantasy VIII -- hope keeps love alive!
with love & peace,

Date Title Game Author Genre
12.12.01 150 G Final Fantasy Ersatz Sobriquet Serious
12.12.01 A Warrior's Bane Chrono Trigger Ersatz Sobriquet Serious
12.12.01 Sprectres Of The Past - Prologue Final Fantasy VI / Chrono Trigger Jason Connor Serious
12.12.01 The Sinistral War Lufia 2 Marlone Serious
12.12.01 Cactuar Final Fantasy VIII Ashbear Serious
12.12.01 To Honor Odin Final Fantasy VIII Ashbear Serious
12.12.01 Untouched By Time Chrono Cross Brent Barron Serious
12.12.01 Silent Hill Silent Hill Keith Myath Serious
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