THQ and Sega to release Phantasy Star Collection, Super Monkey Ball for Game Boy Advance

[03.26.02] » Window of nostalgia once again opens on the Phantasy Star series.

   Many have hoped for it, and now it's been announced at last: Sega and THQ are bringing a Phantasy Star Collection to the Game Boy Advance. Encompassing the first three games in the series on a single cart, the Collection is due in early 2003. Though the exclusion of fan-favorite Phantasy Star IV is mildly disappointing, the game's size may possibly mark it as a candidiate for a separate, future release.

   Other games in the new wave of THQ/Sega Game Boy Advance titles are Super Monkey Ball, a port of the GameCube launch title; Virtua Tennis; and Crazy Taxi. Virtua Tennis is expected in 2002, while the other three games are all set for an early 2003 release.

   Thanks to Reno- for the tip.

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