Silent Hill movie enters pre-production stage

[03.30.02] » But will it enter the kicking-a-zombie-dog-in-the-face stage?

   Dark Aura Entertainment has received permission from New Line Cinema to begin preliminary work on the Silent Hill movie ahead of schedule, preempting their current project. Dark Aura, who was very excited to be given the go-ahead, believes that this "will be a revolutionary film for two genres; The film based on video games and ... the modern horror film."

    While no script or director has been chosen, the team intends to base the film almost entirely on the first game. Dark Aura has named Johnny Depp as a desired candidate for the main role, though the project is still in the brainstorming stage and such details are entirely tentative until a script is produced. The movie is also expected to contain more fog than John Carpenter's "The Fog."

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Silent Hill
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