01.29.02 Parappa the Rapper 2 screenplay contest
   Put your filmic talents to use and win a copy of Parappa the Rapper 2.
01.04.02 GIA 2001 Staff Favorites
   It may have been a bad year for the world in general, but boy, were the games good. Celebrate the year gone by with our fourth annual lists of each staffer's personal favorites.
11.03.01 Dragon Warrior VII: Are you a Warrior Whiz? Contest
   Win great DW swag, but be quick! (Contest now closed.)
11.03.01 Andrew Vestal's Day as a Moogle
   He wore the suit for you guys. He rampaged across Japan ... for himself.
11.02.01 The Gauntlet of Pain
   Indulge your sadist within and watch as the GIA vaults some of the worst games ever made, Drew writes a nauseatingly happy edition of Dobule Agent, and Andrew Vestal sacrifices his pride and dons the moogle suit once again. And we do it all for you guys.
10.04.01 Interview with Hironobu Sakaguchi
   The renowned creator of the Final Fantasy series discusses what he learned making Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and how Square's movie endeavor will affect the games of the future.
09.29.01 Okage: Shadow Puppet Contest
   Find out how you can get your hands on a copy of Sony's quirky RPG, Okage: Shadow King, or some shadowy merchandise with the GIA's Okage: Shadow Puppet contest.
09.25.01 Interview with Hideaki Kobayashi
   The lead music composer of both Phantasy Star Online soundtracks discusses the music behind the popular online RPG.
09.18.01 ICO Haiku Giveaway
   The poet laureates of the GIA revealed at last.
09.17.01 Wiretap: Will the Cube be Squared?
   Rumors are flying about a possible imminent announcement of GameCube support from Square. The GIA evaluates the chances of a reunion between Square and Nintendo in the return of our errant analysis column, Wiretap.
09.05.01 Monster Rancher 3 Giveaway
   Free prizes! Adorable monsters! Silly hats! Find out how you can win a copy of Monster Rancher 3 or a special bonus disc in the GIA's Monster Rancher 3 Giveaway.
08.31.01 Interview with Fumito Ueda
   The director, producer, and art director of ICO talks about what went into the creation of his masterful adventure title.
07.29.01 GIA Commercial Break, Week Five
   Game CMs: One Piece Mansion (Long and Short versions), Digimon Medley, Hunter X Hunter, Ka (Mosquito), McDonald's Sony Mascot A, McDonald's Sony Mascot B, Mario Kart Advance, Shadow Hearts A, Shadow Hearts B. CM of the Week: Piposaru 2001.
07.26.01 GIA Commercial Break, Week Four
   Game CMs: Chee Chai Alien, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy X CM A, Final Fantasy X CM B, Final Fantasy X CM C, Final Fantasy X CM D, Final Fantasy X CM DigiCube, Gran Turismo 3 CM C, Rimo Cocoron, Tactics Ogre Gaiden. CM of the Week: Tomak: Save the Earth: Love Story.
06.27.01 Interview with Peter Moore
   The GIA discusses Sega's future and franchises with the president of Sega of America.
06.25.01 Interview with Gun Kim
   The brain behind the craziest dating sim yet talks about the creative process, life in a flowerpot, and being a Korean game developer.
06.25.01 Legend of Dragoon: A Year in Flames
   Join us through a hate mail retrospective on the anniversary of the GIA's most controversial review ever. Caution: Offensive language within.
06.08.01 System Wars 2001
   Three consoles. One Survivor. The GIA takes a look at the hardware of the next generation to determine which is the most powerful console on the planet.
06.06.01 Interview with Greg Buchner
    The main man behind the GameCube graphics chip talks about moving Nintendo past cartridges and sizing up the console competition.
05.28.01 E3 2001 Photo Gallery
    We came, we saw, we took a lot of pictures. See what we saw with our third annual, mind-bogglingly comprehensive E3 photo gallery.
05.28.01 E3 2001 Awards
    You've seen the pictures. You've read the game-by-game impressions. Now hear what we thought of the show overall in our pull-no-punches E3 awards.
05.26.01 Howard Lincoln: The GIA Interview, part 2
    In the final part of his E3 interview, the former chairman of Nintendo of America discusses the magic of Miyamoto, the risk of add-ons, and the global scope of piracy.
05.25.01 Howard Lincoln: The GIA Interview, part 1
    In the first of a two part interview, the former chairman of Nintendo of America discusses the past, present, and future for both Nintendo and the rest of the gaming industry.
05.19.01 E3: Yu Suzuki talks with the GIA
    Sega's senior designer discusses his first games for other consoles, the health of arcades, and confirms that work on a third Shenmue title is underway.
05.10.01 GIA Commercial Break, Week Three
   Game CMs: Animal Forest, Armored Core Another Age, Bomberman Tournament, Conan Boy Detective, Dream Classic, Gear Fighter Dendoh, Gran Turismo 3 CM A, One Piece, Pocket Culumon, Super Robot Taisen Alpha Gaiden, Time Crisis: Project Titan, Tottoko Hamutarou 2, Tsunago!. Non-game CMs: Asashi Bireleys, Mintia, Sprite, Yomu Cosume. CM of the Week: Gran Turismo 3 CM B.
04.06.01 GIA Commercial Break, Week Two
   Game CMs: Biohazard: Code Veronica, es, Gitaru Man, Klonoa 2, Momotaro Matsuri, Monster Farm, Napoleon, Pinobee, Rockman EXE, Sakura Taisen 3, Tokyo Highway Battle Zero. CM of the Week: Boku to Maoh.
04.05.01 Metal Gear Solid 2 Demo Walkthrough
    Want to know the secrets to obtaining a top score on the Metal Gear Solid 2 demo? Consult the GIA's walkthrough for all the tips to shorten your time..
03.09.01 GIA Commercial Break, Week One
   Game CMs: Conan, Boy Detective, F-Zero Advance, Kuru Kuru Kururin, Minna no PS2, Winning Eleven 5. CM of the Week: Dragon Quest Monsters 2.
02.15.01 GIA For Kids: Video Game Ineptitude Test
    Tough video game trivia got you down? GIA For Kids' exclusive Video Game Ineptitude Test is sure to provide with you a much-needed confidence boost.
01.23.01 Interview with Yuzo Koshiro
    The GIA talks with one of gaming's most innovative and accomplished composers about his decade of experience in the industry and his most recent work on Shenmue.
01.10.01 GIA staff changes
    Join the GIA in starting 2001 by thanking to some old friends and saying hello to new faces.
01.09.01 GIA staff favorites for 2000
    In a year that saw dozens of blockbuster releases, see exactly what games our staffers thought were the best.
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