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   Jet Baby movies are as much of a Parappa Town tradition as Beard Burgers, and those who have tracked the film series through its appearances in the Parappa games know that each installment is bigger and better than the last.

She never lets them cry
When Jet Baby loves, she loves all of the children

   We asked readers to submit the latest and greatest entry in the Jet Baby canon, and five of their screenplays were awarded copies of the game, with bonus prizes going to the top two winners, whose entries are printed below. Congratulations to grand prize winner Jerry Busby, second prize winner Bryan Carr, and third prize winners Denton Clark, Jon Rider, and Dan Boczarski.

Grand Prize Winner - Jet Baby IV, by Jerry Busby

It is a bright, sunny day outside.  We are shown
a vast, hilly field, teeming with flowers.  Light,
happy music is playing in the background.  The
camera slowly zooms in toward the solitary figure
in the field, the Teddy Bear Jet Baby rescued in
the past films.  The Teddy Bear is merrily skipping
through the field, picking flowers and singing
quietly to herself.

			"La la la la la la..."

The camera now rolls up toward the sky.  The music
gets noticeably darker, and clouds appear, covering
the sun.  The camera now rolls toward the horizon,
where a large, silhouette can be seen in the distance.
A large lightning clash lights the sky, and we see
the silhouette as being the Green Monster, Jet Baby's
antagonist.  Suddenly the Green Monster begins running
toward the camera in the Teddy Bear's direction. The camera now does an extreme
close-up on the Teddy Bear's face.  Her mouth drops open and you can sense the
fear in her eyes.  She slowly begins backing away before turning around and
running into an all out sprint.

                      "AHHHHHH!  Help me!!!!  Jet Baby!  Where are   you?"

The Teddy Bear is scrambling as fast as she can, but the Green Monster is 
gaining fast.  Suddenly we hear Jet Baby's heroic theme, and the camera turns away 
from the chase, showing Jet Baby flying toward the two of them.  Initially, it 
appears that Jet Baby maybe late, as the Green Monster begins reaching toward the Teddy 
Bear with a tentacle-like arm.  However, Jet Baby arrives just in the nick of time.  
Jet Baby's intention is to shuttle the Teddy Bear to safety, but she is just an instant 
too late, and the Green Monster grabs her instead of the Teddy Bear!  Jet Baby 
struggles to escape, but it is futile.  The Teddy Bear realizes what has happened, and 
she turns around and faces the Green Monster.  The camera zooms in on her, and on her 
face we see determination, but we can also still see the fear in her eyes.

			"I'll save you Jet Baby!"

She begins marching toward the Green Monster and making the motion as if 
she's rolling up her sleeves.  It looks like she means business!  In response to this, the 
Green Monster leans over and roars at the Teddy Bear.  The roar is so great that 
the Teddy Bear falls down, gets up, and runs away screaming.  We see her run down a 
hill and out of view.  In response to this, Jet Baby again begins struggling, but there 
is still nothing she can do against the Green Monster's grip.  Meanwhile, the Green 
Monster begins laughing.  He slowly begins moving his hand toward his mouth.  It is 
apparent that he plans on eating Jet Baby! Suddenly we see a glimmer of light in the 
horizon where the Teddy Bear disappeared.  We hear triumphant, marching music 
replace the dark music that has been previously playing.  The camera zooms in on where the 
glimmer came from and we see the glimmer came from the sunlight (the sun has begun 
peeking through the clouds) reflecting off the Teddy Bear's teeth of the Teddy Bear's now 
confident and smug smile.  She points in the direction of the monster.


Suddenly an entire army of teddy bears in various bright colors appears from 
behind the Teddy Bear.  They all begin shouting and running toward the Green 
Monster.  The Green Monster now looks uneasy, and turns around and starts running away.  
But he stops when he sees another army of Teddy Bears is coming from that direction.  The 
Green Monster is really scared now. The two armies are converging on him.  He turns to his 
right and starts running away.  In his haste, he has dropped Jet Baby.  We see him run 
off, wailing, and he disappears in the distance.  All the teddy bears raise their arms and 
begin cheering.  Jet Baby flies toward the original Teddy Bear.  She lands next to 
her and gives her a hug.

			"Ah, you're welcome!  You would have done the same for me!"

The camera now does an extreme close-up on the Teddy Bear's face.  We see a 
huge smile on her face and she winks.  The screen fades to black, and "The End" appears in 
cursive writing.

Second Prize Winner - Of Jet Babies and Great Big Green Monsters, by Bryan Carr

*Jet Baby and BGM are walking down the railroad tracks in Depression-era

JB: When we get to this city, we're gonna have a lot of business! You terrorizin'
the joint, me savin' it, we're gonna be big! 

BGM: And den can we get the farm?

JB: Of course!

BGM: Tell me again the part about the cattle, Jetty!

JB: What do you want me to tell you for? You already know how it goes.

BGM: But it sounds better when you tell it!

JB: We're gonna have a little farm, full of cattle, and you can go and take the
alfalfa and grain out to feed them. We'll be on our own and never alone, 'cause
I got you and you got me. We'll live off the funkalicious grooves of the land!

BGM: And then I can pet the cattle?

JB: Of course. 

BGM: Yay, Jetty!

*Through a largely truncated set of events, the two travelers arrive in 
town and immediately set to work*

Jet Baby: OK, just go to the middle of town and start rampaging. I'll be in to
save the day. Don't screw up, this is our only chance. 


(Jet Baby runs in and does battle with BGM, vanquishes him, the town cheers,
etc. Jet Baby whispers to BGM)

JB: Good job, BGM. Just remember, if you get in trouble, run for the bushes
outside of town. And don't be talkin' to no townsfolk! They're trouble!

BGM: OK, Jetty, I'll do whatever you say. 

(Through another rapidly truncated series of events, BGM is awarded a cow by
JB for his good work. BGM sits playing with the cow by the river)

BGM: Stupid little cow...why did you have to go and throw yourself into my mouth?
All I wanted to do was just pet your nice purdy fur...*burp*

(Enter that one teddy bear that Jet Baby is constantly saving)

Bear: Hello, Mr. Monster. How are you?

BGM: Aw, I dunno, Jetty says I shouldn't talk to you...

Bear: Don't worry about it...I just get so lonely...

BGM: You have awful pretty fur. 

Bear: Thanks, I bounce around in the dryer every day.

BGM: Can I touch it?

Bear: Sure. Just be careful...

(BGM extends a long, scaly arm and strokes the Bear's fur)

Bear: Ha ha, OK, that's enough...please, stop...stop! HEEEL-

(BGM puts his hand over Bear's mouth)

BGM: Shhh, you're gonna get me in trouble...don't scream...don't...

(BGM throws the Bear into his mouth and eats her)

BGM: ...I done a bad thing...

(Again with the rapidly truncated events. The townsfolk find out about BGM
eating Bear, and BGM flees to the bushes outside of town. Jet Baby catches
up with him, and they sit by the river)

BGM: I done a bad thing, Jetty.

JB: I know, BGM...

BGM: Tell me about the cattle.

JB: ...We'll get some cattle, and you'll feed them and pet them...and we'll
be on our own, and we'll live off the funkalicious grooves of the land...

(Jet Baby grabs a mallet and starts to rear back with it, choking back tears)

BGM: Yeah...that'll be great, Jetty...

(Jet Baby brings down the mallet and flattens BGM, then cries. PaRappa runs
up to him, followed by the rest of the townsfolk)

PaRappa: You hadda do it, Jet Baby. You gotta believe...

JB: I know...I know...

PaRappa: I'll buy you a milkshake.

(They walk off)

Katy Kat: What's eating him?

P.J.: I dunno, but I wanna be eating something too!


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