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Okage: Shadow King

Stan Bottle Opener and Bottle

Prizes courtesy of: Sony

   With role playing fans still awaiting the first good batch of their favorite genre on the PlayStation 2, even a blandly traditional RPG would be welcome on the year-old platform. Thankfully, Sony's Okage: Shadow King, set for release on October 12th, is anything but traditional. Starring a surly demon king bent on world domination and sporting an art style more in common with Edward Gorey than anime, Okage is one of the most unique RPGs we've see this year. (Readers can get the full lowdown on Okage with the GIA's preview.)

    To celebrate the game's imminent release, the GIA has teamed with Sony to give readers a chance to win a copy of Okage or one of three bottle openers in the shape of Stan, the shadow king himself. As usual, we're not going to make it easy; in keeping with Okage's spooky look, we've come up with a shadow-themed contest to determine our winners. To earn your prize you'll need to come up with the best shadow puppet you can muster, using only a light source and your own two hands.

   You don't need to confine yourself to simple shadow rabbits and the like; entries can be anything your imagination and contorted fingers can come up with -- animals, people, a recreation of the opera scene from Final Fantasy VI, whatever you can manage to reproduce in shadow form. The most creative and recognizable entry will receive our grand prize and three runners-up will earn themselves an Okage bottle opener.

   Update: The contest has been closed and the winners have been notified. If you're one of the winners -- congratulations, we'll be getting your prize out as soon as possible. To the rest of you, thanks for entering!

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Okage: Shadow King
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