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Prizes courtesy of: Sony

   The winners are in, after more than 200 entries received, most of which were well-done and creative. We were blown away by how many people responded to such a strange contest idea, and we salute all the contestants who took their haiku seriously and worked at their entries. Not that a couple of joke entries weren't amusing as well ...

Honorable Mention

bacaco ICO
da toneco cowai
sugoico ne

a = ah as in auto
i = ee as in meet
u = ooh as in moo
e = eh as in editor
o = oh as in mow
c is always hard like k
g is always hard like good

-Jason Wilkins

She issa whisno
Inna ca-hage inna skee
Howzelp, sa dunno

Translation key:
This is how I talk when I am drunk.

-Heather Z

Third Prize

Bediforous clanch:
Ad menital loberie,
vit, viticotium.

It's pronounced pretty much like it looks.

Or not.

Inasmuch as this is inspired at all, it is most strongly
influenced by archaic French...  That sort of latinized
Gallic (or gallified Latin) that you hear in the Song of
Roland or other medieval French poetry.


Krou shiu ton merneau
Vantd boreanti coro
Yivoko dosa
(Crau shoe ton mair-new
Vantz bor-E-an-ti ko-ro
Yi-vO-ko dO-sa)
Say it with a bit of anger in your voice, with a slight hiss;
you've been unjustly confined, no matter what you say it will
sound bitter.

I don't want to say my specific inspirtation, but picture this:
living in a cage, your only company are the insects and vermin
that make their way through the building.  You haven't heard
human speech, and you've only been able to develop your vocal
cords to the same degree as the animals with which you reside.
I should hope that, in pronouncing it audibly, the intent would
be apparent.
-Kyle Richardson

A haiku of foreign origin

Semna le lorel
Tessa sei derro kalar
Merren son dei rah

The soul is a confusing myriad of images and ideas.  A poem can
do nothing but invoke these feelings, the ideas, these memories;
even if we cannot understand it.  Enjoy it, perhaps it will remind
you of something in your own past.  I can honestly say this reminds
me of mine.

-James Thorne

Second Prize

Vowels sounds like vowels in these English words
a = blah
e = pen
é = pay
i = ski
o = own
y = flee
all r's are trilled

- = unstressed
. = stressed
New syllables start after each vowel

- .  .  - .
ané sé sabri

-  .  -  .  - . -
digri typon panéa

.   - . . -
en risa égri

  ané sé sabri
digri typon panéa
  en risa égri

-Jon C.

Inya, tobori. 
Sumelo kadashi, lo. 
Inya, kumetsu 

  Just a lyrical, haunting language that is stressed sort of, yet
somehow entirely unlike, Japanese.  'O's are often stressed a little
long.  In-ya, to-boor-ee, for example. 


Ciclowe dosclowe sli
Timdowe solemane riva
Amadone, yi
(See-clove dusk-love slee)
(Tim-dove soul-mah-ney ree-vah)
(Ah-mah-doh-ney, yee)
Raphael Tremblay

Grand Prize

Jogas mil v'noh
Jogas mil tacht asgra
Alos sil jogas

-David Green

 Congratulations to all the winners!

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