GIA For Kids: Video Game Ineptitude Test

   Baffled by gaming trivia? Stumped by fill-in-the-blank questions? Don't know which band was featured in Shinjuku Happy Jumpers? Don't worry! GIA For Kids's new ego-boosting Video Game Ineptitude Test can make a gaming expert out of even the most inexperienced fan. Simply answer the brief set of questions below -- we guarantee you'll have your confidence restored in no time!

   "Wow! The VGIT really works! My son was depressed for days because he couldn't remember what M.U.S.H.A. stands for. But after taking the Video Game Ineptitude Test, he's back to his usual self again! Absolutely phenomenal!" -- Anoop 't Hooft, Altoona, PA

VGIT Section 1: Multiple Choice

1. Nintendo's mascot Mario has appeared in everything from platformers and tennis sims to fighting games and go-kart racers. But in which of the following games did Mario go missing?
   Clay Fighter 2: Judgment Clay
   Mario Is Missing!
   Sega Bass Fishing

2. Many fans feel that the characters are one of the most important parts of an RPG or adventure game. Which of these games stars a character named Alundra?
   Brave Fencer Musashi
   Torneko: The Last Hope
   Lucienne's Quest

3. Game publishers often use celebrity endorsements to help promote their games. Which of the following popular games was sponsored by John Madden?
   Tony Hawk Pro Skater
   Madden NFL 2001

4. How many "bits" of processing power does the Nintendo 64 game console have?

VGIT Section 2: Matching

   The left column contains six NES games; the right column contains six final bosses. Match each game with its final boss by selecting the appropriate letter in the drop-down boxes to the left of each game.

1. Mega Man A. Dr. Wily
2. Mega Man 2 B. Dr. Wily
3. Mega Man 3 C. Dr. Wily
4. Mega Man 4 D. Dr. Wily
5. Mega Man 5 E. Dr. Wily
6. Mega Man 6 F. Dr. Wily

VGIT Section 3: Identification

1. Identify the game from which the following screenshot is taken.


   Final Fantasy VI
   Final Fantasy VII
   Final Fantasy VIII
   Final Fantasy IX

2. Listen to this sound clip. Who is speaking in it?

   Solid Snake
   Aero the Acro-Bat
   Schlotenheim Reinbach III

VGIT Section 4: Matching

   The left column contains six North American game names; the right column contains six Japanese game names. Match each North American title with its original Japanese title by selecting the appropriate letter in the drop-down boxes to the left of each game.

1. Wild Arms A. Chrono Trigger
2. Chrono Trigger B. Metroid
3. Donkey Kong C. Phantasy Star II
4. Fantavision D. Wild Arms
5. Metroid E. Donkey Kong
6. Phantasy Star II F. Fantavision

Feature by Fritz Fraundorf, GIA.
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