The Gauntlet of Pain

    As recently as this past August, the GIA was in rather dire straits. A combination of decreasing ad revenue, increased traffic, and finally a series of hardware malfunctions on the GIA's server brought the site to the brink. As the site had failed to turn a profit for months, we were left with no choice but to turn to you, our readers, for help. The result was nothing less than astounding, as our every expectation was blown away by your generosity.

    Those donations didn't come without strings attatched, however. In a moment of foolhardiness, we pledged to sacrifice our very sanity and vault one grade F game for each $600 milestone in donations, all the way up to the $10,000 mark. What we never expected was that donations would surpass even that final milestone, adding up to a massive fifteen vaults of some of the worst titles ever; more than enough to go around for both current and ex-staffers alike. Furthermore, Drew now found that he owed the readers a "relentless positive and cheerfully fawning" letters column, and Andrew Vestal found himself deeply regretting his promise to don the infamous moogle suit.

    So kick back and revel in your schadenfreude as the GIA suffers through its most horrific feature yet. Yes, even worse than hearing AV and AK try to rap: The Gauntlet of Pain.

  • $600 - Beyond the Beyond by Nich Maragos
  • $1200 - Another Mind by Andrew Vestal
  • $1800 - Battle Hunters by Andrea Hartmann
  • $2400 - Paladin's Quest by Fritz Fraundorf
  • $3000 - Quest 64 by Chris Jones - COMPLETE!
  • $3600 - Tecmo: Secret of the Stars by Zak McClendon
  • $4200 - King Arthur and his Knights of Justice by Allan Milligan - COMPLETE!
  • $4800 - Hydlide by Jeff Davis
  • $5400 - Drakkhen by Arpad Korossy
  • $6000 - Super Hydlide by Zak McClendon
  • $6600 - Time Stalkers by J.T. Kauffman
  • $7200 - Monkey Hero by Brian Glick
  • $7800 - Brandish by Jeremy Parish
  • $8400 - Granstream Saga by Chris Jones - COMPLETE!
  • $9000 - King's Field by Nich Maragos
  • $9600 - Drew writes relentlessly positive and cheerfully fawning edition of Double Agent - COMPLETE!
  • $10000 - Andrew Vestal puts on the moogle suit again - COMPLETE!

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