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   The GIA is composed of a group of people volunteering to bring you the latest and best coverage in adventure, role-playing, rhythm, and puzzle games for console systems. We do it for fun and don't need to be paid for it, but we do have the odd cost here and there such as hardware repairs, monthly server fees, and so on. If you enjoy the GIA's coverage and want to pitch in a little, there are several options for you to do so.

   The first is a simple donation. If you'd like to use PayPal, the address to send to is, or you could use the button to the right. We also support Amazon Honor System donations; again, see the button on the right. Both methods will net you access to a thank-you page with downloadable desktop wallpaper by Jeremy Parish or Yoshitaka Amano.

   If you'd like something more tangible than wallpaper, the GIA also sells T-shirts through Gameskins (at the bottom of the page). Sizes range from adult S to XXL, and the quality is top-notch; unlike CafePress junk, Jobe Harris' excellent Kelvin and Larissa design on the back will stay sharp for some time. Don't forget to browse the rest of Gameskins' line while you're there!

   Thanks for the support, and we hope you enjoy the site.

Geosynchronous satellite wallpaper

Yoshitaka Amano wallpaper