Zelda rap revisited

    For years upon years, Andrew Vestal was haunted nightly by a recurring dream of a television commercial. This commercial was for Shigeru Miyamoto's masterpiece, the Legend of Zelda, and featured two teenagers superimposed over gameplay footage "rapping" the game's merits. Day after harsh day, Andrew tried to convince others of the existence of this commercial, only to be met by ridicule and scorn.

    Andrew decided to roam the planet in search of the truth: did this commercial ever exist, or was it just a dream? Fruitless was his task as he became ostrasized in every town he visited. Finally, the truth emerged when Andrew stumbled upon a small Zelda-worshipping tribe in lower Madagascar. They were quickly able to tell young Andrew the truth he had sought: some 12 years or so ago, Nintendo released that very commercial for their revolutionary title, The Legend of Zelda. They played tapes of the video for Andrew, who shed tears of joy that dissolved the pain of the years of ridicule.

   Andrew learned much from the tribe, and brought his knowledge back to GIA headquarters. He convinced us to pay homage to this classic commercial by remixing the undeniably catchy audio beats into a new commercial promoting Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. Enjoy.

Relive the original commercial (mp3, 73KB)

Experience aural pleasure as members of the GIA perform the new Zelda 64 rap (mp3, 178KB)


Original music: Nintendo
Voice talent: Andrew Vestal, Charles Vestal, Andrew Kaufmann
Produced and recorded by: Charles Vestal Studios

Original Zelda Commercial (c) Nintendo of America. The GIA "commercial" is a parody and is not intended to infringe upon Nintendo's rights in any way. Besides, we like Zelda.

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