E3 2001 Photo Album

    Didn't make it to E3 2001? With the expensive hotels, loud music, flashing lights, and sweaty gamers, who really wants to? You didn't miss anything. Honest. So sit back and enjoy the GIA's third annual E3 photo album. We've got over 200 pictures of the sights and spectacles of the gaming industry's biggest show.

The Show Floor (105 photos)
    The LA Convention Center was bursting at the seams with new consoles, new games, and wall-to-wall dorks, and this gallery is bursting with pictures of all of them.
The People (45 photos)
    This one-of-a-kind E3 gallery may actually contain more pictures of game designers than booth girls. You be the judge.
Outside The Show (6 photos)
    We heard there was an entire "city" of some sort in the surrounding area, but rumors of a post-apocalyptic world ruled by apes kept us close to the convention center.
The Staff and Friends (25 photos)
    Our hardened crew of cynical, jaded veterans is joined by a few cynical, jaded newcomers. Watch the sparks fly and passions ignite!
Swag (31 photos)
    A leaner year for the industry may have meant a reduction in the amount of free stuff, but that didn't stop the GIA from grabbing all the swag we could. After all, our eBay returns have to support the site until next year.

Feature by GIA staff.
Photos by Ryan Rumberger and GIA staff.
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