GIA Commercial Break, Week One

[03.09.01] » Better living through advertising.

   Banner ads are a bust -- and after a fabulous first two weeks, contributions to's Honor System have dropped to nearly nothing. Meanwhile, someone linked directly to one of the GIA's screenshots in their signature, accruing 1.3 gigabytes of transfer on that single screenshot alone in a single week. Even bellwether Yahoo's in dire financial straits -- is it any wonder that the GIA is going broke? That's where this exciting new feature comes in.

     In a revolutionary partnership between traditional- and Internet-media, the GIA has partnered with NTT Telecom to bring our readers the latest gaming advertisements from Japan. Our readership gets to see the human race's craziest productions this side of the Japanese videogames themselves, and the GIA gets to stay open for another few days.

  At least that's the plan. We have yet to notify NTT of their end of this revolutionary new partnership, but we're optimistic they'll sign on the dotted line. Thanks to Joseph Holley for the too-stylish captures, and NTT Telecom for their future support.

Conan, Boy Detective
MPEG, 352x240, 2.51 MB

Commercial of the Week!
Dragon Quest Monsters 2
MPEG, 352x240, 2.28 MB

F-Zero Advance
MPEG, 352x240, 2.48 MB

Kuru Kuru Kururin
MPEG, 352x240, 2.48 MB

Minna no PS2 (system)
MPEG, 352x240, 2.50 MB

Winning Eleven 5
MPEG, 352x240, 2.48 MB

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Dragon Warrior Monsters 2
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