Dragon Warrior VII: Are You a Warrior Whiz? Contest


Grand Prize: Dragon Warrior VII, III, and Monsters 2; strategy guides for each game; plush Dragon Warrior toy

Second Prize: Dragon Warrior VII and its strategy guide
Third Prize: Dragon Warrior III

Prizes courtesy of: Enix

   [ This contest is now over. Please do not send any more entries. Congratulations to Bison, Dondria Yost, Brendan Parlor, Brian Sebby, and Eric Gondolf! ]

   The Dragon Warrior series has returned to North American shores in full force, and to celebrate the release of the latest release Dragon Warrior VII, the GIA has teamed up with Enix to bring our readers a chance to own the three latest releases in the series. In order to take a shot at winning the games, we've put together five questions about Dragon Warrior VII. All of the answers will be able to be found by examining the Dragon Warrior VII material here at the GIA, as well as at Enix's web site. (Spoiler-conscious readers take note: none of the answers require examination of the walkthrough.)

    1) How many total character classes, both basic and advanced, can be found in Dragon Warrior VII?

   2) What is the name of the place where your characters can change classes?

   3) Why is Estard Island the only continent in the world?

   4) What is the name of the Old Man who runs the Immigrant Village?

   5) How many pages of game text does Dragon Warrior VII have?

    There is no deadline for the contest, as potential "warrior whiz" candidates need to simply get their answers in as soon as they can; the first five emails with all of the correct answers will be awarded the prizes, with the fastest person winning the Grand Prize, the next winning the Second Prize, and the final three winning Third Prize. Multiple entries per person will be discarded. Email answers to nich@thegia.com. Good luck!

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