GIA Commercial Break, Week Two

[03.09.01] » Puppets, Paris, and piano solos from the land of the Rising FUN!

   The Japanese television commercial is an art form all its own, and the Boku to Maoh commercial stands above the rest. If you only see one commercial this update -- no, in your entire life -- then you could do far worse than the Boku to Maoh commercial. Download. Watch. Worship.

   Also in this update: a haunting piano solo reveals Biohazard: Code Veronica to be a moving narrative about one boy's touching journey to understand his tormented past -- not, as previously thought, exploding zombie dogs. Also experience the "Psycho Suspense Adventure" of es, the festive dancing girls of Mamotoro Matsuri, the hippopotamus combat of Monster Farm, and the Parisian Can-Can of Sakura Taisen 3. Japan: it's a whole other planet.

Biohazard: Code Veronica, PS2
MPEG, 352x240, 2.48 MB

Commercial of the Week!
Boku to Maoh, PS2
MPEG, 352x240, 2.48 MB

es, Dreamcast
MPEG, 352x240, 2.05 MB

Gitaru Man, PS2
MPEG, 352x240, 2.24 MB

Klonoa 2, PS2
MPEG, 352x240, 2.48 MB

Momotaro Matsuri, GBA
MPEG, 352x240, 3.52 MB

Monster Farm, PS2
MPEG, 352x240, 2.48 MB

Napoleon, GBA
MPEG, 352x240, 2.48 MB

Pinobee, GBA
MPEG, 352x240, 2.48 MB

Rockman EXE, GBA
MPEG, 352x240, 3.65 MB

Sakura Taisen 3, DC
MPEG, 352x240, 2.48 MB

Tokyo Highway Battle Zero, PS2
MPEG, 352x240, 3.13 MB

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Resident Evil: Code Veronica
The Devil and I
Monster Rancher 3
Sakura Taisen 3
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