Further details on Quest / Square

[03.26.02] » FFT under development by ex-Quest staff, Square acquires rights to the Ogre Battle Saga.

   Further details have come to light regarding the new relationship between Square and Quest, the developers of the Ogre Battle Saga series of games.

   First, the Game Boy Advance remake of Final Fantasy Tactics is being developed by ex-Quest staff, who are now working for Square. It seems this is different staff from the exodus from Quest a few years ago in which Yasumi Matsuno and others joined Square -- Matsuno mentions that these staffers had previously worked on Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis for the GBA.

   Furthermore, Square has acquired the full rights to the Ogre Battle Saga and all future installments in the series will be published by Square. Matsuno mentioned that he would like to work on the series again, but his current duties as director of Final Fantasy XII means that this won't happen for some time.

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Final Fantasy Tactics
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