ICO full script

[03.31.02] » Yorda speaks; we listen.

   The Japanese version of ICO includes several replay options absent from the American release. One of these options is to play the game with all of Yorda's dialogue translated into Japanese. Andy Church has translated Yorda's dialogue (as well as the other characters') into English. As with any full game script, there are spoilers.

ICO Full Script


(Getting off the boat)

PRIEST:  Get the sword.

(As Ico is imprisoned)

PRIEST:  Do not be angry with us. This is for the good of the village.

Upon finding Yorda for the first time

ICO:  Is anybody there? Who are you?
What are you doing in there?
Hang on a moment, I'll get you down.

After getting Yorda down

YORDA:  Who are you? How did you get in here?

ICO:  I--I'm a sacrifice, because I have horns.
Children who grow horns all get taken here.

ICO:  Are you a sacrifice too?

After chasing off the shadow

ICO:  What was that creature? Was it after you?
It's dangerous for you here.
C'mon, let's find a way out.

When Yorda uses her power for the first time

ICO:  What was that?

At the front entrance (first time)

ICO:  Look, the gate is open! We can get out!

(The gates start closing)

ICO:  Come on!

(Yorda trips and falls, and the Queen appears)

QUEEN (to Yorda):  Yorda, don't be so foolish. Come on back to the castle.

QUEEN (to Ico):  So you're the one who's been dragging my Yorda around.
Do you know who this girl is?
She's my only, beloved daughter--one day destined to rule this castle.
She doesn't belong with a horned-head fool like you.
Now get out of here and leave Yorda alone.

(The Queen disappears)

ICO:  You okay?

YORDA:  Oh dear, we've upset her...

QUEEN'S VOICE (to Yorda):  Why don't you understand?
You can't survive outside the castle.

After opening the gates again

ICO:  You okay?

YORDA:  Just a little farther...

(The bridge sequence)

YORDA: Thank you...

In the throne room

QUEEN: Wait.

ICO: What are you going to do with Yorda?!

QUEEN: Forget it... you're too late.
This body will soon perish...
Yorda will be revived as my successor.
That is Yorda's fate... she will be the receptacle for my soul, so to speak.
When she awakes, her memories of you will have vanished.
Now put the sword down and leave this place.
Yorda would have wanted that, too.

QUEEN: Tsk, tsk, not a good little boy at all... do you want to die so badly?

(Battle ensues)

QUEEN: Yorda cannot leave this castle, ever...
Not even if... you take my life...

At the end, as Yorda puts Ico on the boat

YORDA: Goodbye...

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