Final Fantasy X PAL details

[03.17.02] » Final Fantasy X: International finally lives up to its name.

   After years of neglect, PAL gamers are finally getting reparations. While games like Metal Gear Solid 2, Silent Hill 2, and ICO have shipped first in America, the PAL releases have all seen gameplay extras that were left out of the U.S. release and extra bonuses. Now it seems Final Fantasy X is the latest game to be worth the wait for Europeans.

   Square Europe announced that PAL version of Final Fantasy X, to be released on May 31st, will be based on the recent International version of the game and will contain all the extra gameplay modes and bosses. In addition, the game will ship with a bonus DVD, "Beyond Final Fantasy," which will feature interviews with the game's creators and the English voice actors, as well as a preview of the upcoming Square / Disney action RPG Kingdom Hearts.

   Thanks to numerous readers for the tip.

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Final Fantasy X
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