GIA's Index

Total number of reviews on the site: 149

Average review score across the site: 3.456 out of 5

Most reviews by one staffer: 27

Most 5s given out by a single staffer: 7 (tie)

Most 1s given out by a single staffer: 3

Number of Legend of Dragoon review feedback emails received since 08/31/00: 163

Number of Final Fantasy X review feedback emails received in total: 3

Number of reader inquiries into the Metreon Rinoa cosplayer: 7

Emails received requesting that we support various petitions: 174

Shin Megami Tensei games covered by the GIA: 11

Shin Megami Tensei games released in America: 3

Previewed games with little to no chances of coming to the U.S.: 43

Number of months Fritz Fraundorf spent "working" on a Xenogears vault, during which a spiritual prequel to the game was rumored, announced, completed, and released in Japan: 16

Most screenshots posted for one game: 2,188

Total number of box art updates: 335

Total number of news stories posted: 2483

Total number of release date stories: 336

Release date stories pertaining to Working Designs delays: 11

Most news stories on a single day: 27

Number of major media outlets fooled by the 2001 April Fools' Day joke: 1

Number of months elapsed between the posting of preliminary FFIX sketches and the game's announcement: 8.5

Months elapsed since last paycheck awarded to a GIA staffer: 30

Number of founding members: 5

Total number of GIA staffers from 1998-present: 25

Number of GIA staffers who lasted from founding to present: 1

Number of GIA staffers who lasted less than one month: 2

Percent of GIA staffers 1998-present named Andrew/Andrea: 16%

Number of GIA staffers who never hosted a Double Agent column: 9

Occasions on which Jeremy Parish declined to host a Double Agent column: 5

Total number of Double Agent columns written: 1093

Greatest number of columns written by a regular Double Agent: 323

Number of times Chris Jones droned on and on about some damn thing: 323

Number of sarcastic remarks made by Drew Cosner during his tenure: 920

Number of sarcastic remarks made by Brooke Bolander during her tenure: 920

Letters from Ian P. printed in Double Agent: 174

Total number of fanart pieces posted: 1955

Adoring fanart pieces of Squall Leonhart: 28

Adoring fanart pieces of Prince Keifer: 0

Total number of fanfiction posted: 422

Percentage of total fanfiction labeled as "Serious": 82.46%

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