5 A five rating indicates a masterpiece. These games are technically excellent in every category. More importantly, they offer a unique and well-crafted gaming experience. Any slight flaws do nothing to overshadow the greater whole; holistically, these titles represent the best of what gaming has to offer. These games come with our highest recommendation.
4 A four rating indicates an above-average game. These games are well-made and enjoyable in nearly all aspects, and may excel greatly in one or two. Drawbacks may be noticeable, but should not keep most gamers from enjoying the title. These games come highly recommended.
3 A rating of three indicates an average game. These games have many strong qualities, but also have their share of weaker elements. Despite their flaws, most games in this category are still well-made and enjoyable to play. Each gamer's reception of these titles will likely vary with personal factors such as the developer, creative staff, franchise, genre, etc. These games come recommended, but with reservations.
2 A rating of two indicates a below-average game. These games may have one or two strong points, but any good qualities are overshadowed by a mass of problems. These titles usually have a fatal flaw that overwhelms the entire game. Some gamers may manage to enjoy these titles, but most will be shaking their heads in disappointment. These games are not recommended, but we won't stop you from playing them.
1 A rating of one indicates an absolute disaster. These titles are flawed at every level of concept and execution. Not merely bad games, these titles are offensive moral transgressions against the gaming community. Consider this score an anti-recommendation that nullifies other gaming publications' perhaps misguided praise.