GIA Launches

[11.22.98] » The Gaming Intelligence Agency is ready to bring you the best coverage of RPGs, strategy titles, and puzzle games on the entire Internet.

   Welcome, dear reader, to our page! We hope you enjoy what you see. Many hundreds of hours have gone into the page so far - we've had to recruit staff, choose a focus, find server space, choose a layout and color scheme, acquire content, and more ... what you see here is the very tiny tip of the iceberg of time we've put into the page the last few weeks.

   Our upcoming coverage isn't quite finished yet; look for it to increase within the week. Hey, other pages on the Net have a headstart of a few years on us - it may take us a week or two to get up to speed! Here's a quick run-down of what you can find on the site right now:

   Surveillance is where we keep our coverage of upcoming titles. Our current coverage of Suikoden II and Final Fantasy VIII is extremely in-depth and worth investigating. More games will be popping up every day for a while, so stay tuned!

   Want the latest news? Plug into the Data Feed. Stories will appear here as well as in their specific game's news section. We'll be the best source for upcoming news on the Net - we promise!

   Be certain to check out Special Ops. Here, you'll find great and original feature content exclusive to GIA. James Wong, Squaresoft QA tester, is our inaugural interview. Keep an eye out for future interviews in the coming weeks - you may see some familiar names drop by! We also have a scoop on a secret Final Fantasy Tactics character and Nintendo's Zelda advertising campaign. You won't find these stories anywhere else!

   The Vault will provide a look at older titles - but we need to finish covering new titles, first! Visit the page for a more in-depth description of its layout and purpose. We think you'll like what it offers.

   Brian Maniscalco hosts the Sketch Artist galleries. The buzzword here is quality, not quantity, and we think you'll love the pictures you find. You won't find two hundred pics of Squall Leonheart here. Instead, you'll find ten that should blow you away. The focus of Sketch Artist is on the artist: each page features an artist's work, their e-mail and homepage, and even their personal commentary to accentuate the picture. This is what fan art's all about.

   Last, but certainly not least, is Double Agent. Allan Milligan, the craziest non-committed man this side of Robin Williams, plays Master of Ceremonies. Talk about the site, the games we cover, the games we don't cover, the weather, the price of tea in China - it's all good! Feedback is appreciated, and every letter is read.

   We'd like to thank Jeremy Parish, for all his help with the design and launch of the site. We'd also like to thank IGN,, Gaming Age, and the many other sites on which we found media.

   What you see here is representative of the soon-to-be completed product: cutting edge, quality, and frequently exclusive news and content delivered quickly, intelligently, and with a cheerfully smart-ass twist. This is GIA! If you like what you see, drop us a line. If you don't like it, drop us a line anyways. After all, we're making this site for you, the readers. Enjoy the future of intelligent gaming coverage.

   GIA Webmasters Andrew Vestal, Andrew Kaufmann, Brian Glick, Brian Maniscalco, and Allan Milligan

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