Phantasy Star Online for GameCube may see modem-less release

[03.18.02] » GameCube modem still being plumped up with dimates, trimates.

   Yuji Naka announced in London last week that if Nintendo does not complete its promised modem in the near future, the upcoming GameCube release of Phantasy Star Online may be looking at an offline-only future until Nintendo contributes its part. Though it is doubtful that Nintendo would ultimately allow one of Naka's greatest works to be released sans its most prominent feature, this may become reality if the modem isn't ready by PSO's release.

   "PSO is designed to be an online game, although there is a chance the game will come out before online [play through a GameCube] is ready," says Naka. "You can play with four players as split-screen, so there is a possibility for the game to come out first and people will still be able to play multi-player without the online service."

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