Release dates for Grandia Xtreme, Rune, unnamed Working Designs title

[03.06.02] » If you only buy three games this year, you'll know when they come out.

   North American retailers have received a tentative list of releases for 2002, included in which are Grandia Xtreme, Rune (which will be released in North America as Lost Kingdoms), and an as of yet unknown title from Working Designs.

    Having recently been picked up by Activision, From Software's Lost Kingdoms will debut on the Nintendo GameCube on May 15th, while Enix's Grandia Xtreme trails far behind with an October 30th release date. Between the two games, however, Working Designs will be releasing an unnamed game. The mystery project, likely to be revealed in the close future, is currently scheduled for a September 30th release.

    Thanks to Michael Kelehan for the tip.

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