Straight RPGs usually make themselves scarce near the beginning of a system's launch, but for RPG-hungry Nintendo fans, From is once again there to provide a game or two. Their first effort on the GameCube, Rune, is relatively mysterious at this point, but a few details have emerged.

And super creeps
Scary monsters

   The game appears to star a young woman in red clothes and a white cape, whose name is currently unknown. Her mission is to save the five kingdoms of the world from a mysterious black fog which threatens to turn them to ruins. She'll face her enemies not with swords or staffs but rather with collectible cards. The tone is anything but Pokémonesque, however, as early screenshots show her facing off against a menacing dragon using a skeleton knight. Cards can do more than just attack, however; some can change the character's class or statistics.

   In an uncommon move for RPGs, From plans to implement multiplayer features in Rune, in what seems to be a head-to-head "battle mode" aspect, possibly pitting two players' card collections against one another. Rune is set for a fall release this year in Japan, and has yet to be picked up by a U.S. publisher.

Preview by Nich Maragos, GIA
Developer From Software
Publisher Activision
Genre Action RPG
Medium DVD-ROM Single (1)
Platform Nintendo GameCube
Release Date  Fall '01

4 tiny screenshots
8 character designs
Japanese box art