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Not just cold--chillin'!

   In June 2001, Enix acquired a 15% stake in Game Arts, and the two announced an extended partnership in software development and distribution. Though Enix is immediately distributing several of Game Arts' titles in Japan, including the PlayStation 2 version of Grandia II, the first original fruits of the partnership will be an new title in the Grandia series for the PlayStation 2: Grandia Xtreme.

   What makes this latest Grandia game so extreme--nay, xtreme? At this early stage in the game's development, it's hard to tell. The story follows a xtremely surly bounty hunter, Evan, who considers his job beneath him but continues out of an obligation to his father. Against his will, Evan investigates a disaster called the "Spirits' Wild Run." The "Spirits' Wild Run" has led to war between two neighboring countries, and the source of the xtreme disaster can only be found amidst ancient ruins.

   The world of Grandia Xtreme has three separate races: humans, beasts, and fairies. The relationship between these characters are currently unknown, but could vary from quite chummy to xtremely unfriendly. Character designs are by Enix's Kamui Fujiwara (E.V.O., Terranigma), implying that Enix may be helping with more than just distribution.

   The battle system, at least, is verifiably xtreme. Grandia Xtreme's battle system is a variant of the real-time/turn-based system found in Grandia and Grandia II. However, new to Grandia Xtreme is the Synchroflash system. When certain conditions are met during battle, party members may unite to attack the enemy together. Xtremely cool!

   Grandia Xtreme will be released in Japan in Spring 2002. No U.S. release has been announced, but since both previous Grandia titles were translated to English, it is xtremely likely.

Preview by Andrew Vestal, GIA.
Grandia Xtreme
Developer Game Arts
Publisher Enix
Genre Traditional RPG
Medium DVD-ROM (?)
Platform PlayStation 2
Release Date  Spring 2002
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