Xenosaga soundtrack details

[03.02.02] » It's like an OST, orchestrated album, and vocal tracks all in one!

    Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht may have already shipped, but the two-CD set is set for release some time later this month. Japanese retailer DigiCube has already begun taking preorders.

   Though the full tracklist has yet to be revealed, highlights will include Mitsuda-penned pieces performed by the 140-piece London Philharmonic Orchestra and vocal tracks sung by Joanne Hogg, the singer with the Irish group IONA who lent her voice to Xenogears vocal songs.

   The soundtrack will retail for an odd 2913 yen (about $22 USD) and those ordering through DigiCube will also receive a special Xenosaga sticker, featured below on the right.

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