Fatal Frame ships

[03.07.02] » Zero days of waiting left for Tecmo's photographic horror adventure.

   Tecmo announced today that Fatal Frame, the former Deception team's photography-themed take on the horror genre has arrived in stores. Released under the title Zero in Japan last December, the game sports a new title, a new look, an English dub, and horrible, horrible box art for its U.S. release.

   "I am very excited that gamers everywhere can finally experience this bone-chilling game firsthand," said John Inada, Marketing Director, Tecmo, Inc. "We’ve been surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response to this title, which has exceeded our expectations. Gamers are saying they’re ready for a new, refreshing take on survival horror. Unlike other games which spook you once and then let you relax, Fatal Frame continually maintains that feeling of apprehension, buffeting you with wave after wave of constant fear and terror."

  Fatal Frame should be in stores now with a retail price of $49.99. Look for a full review from the GIA soon, but eager readers can check out our lengthy impressions of the import version in the meantime.

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Fatal Frame
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