Fatal Frame gets a makeover

[01.11.02] » Zero Japanese schoolgirl outfits to be found the the U.S version.

   Unbeknownst to many gamers, Temco has been particularly careful over the last year to make the American releases of its Japanese titles palatable to a US audience. Unison got not only a new set of songs, but almost entirely redone choreography; in Gallop Racer, the company added the betting mode that US horse-racing sim fans (both of them) demanded; and the disturbingly prepubescent training assistant in Monster Rancher 3 was redrawn to look much older. It seems not that Fatal Frame (formerly know as Zero) is on its way stateside, a similar change are in the works.

   In its first official release regarding the American version, Tecmo revealed that Miku, Fatal Frame's lead character, will be substantially changed for US release. Most obviously, the American Miku (below on the right) has been aged several years and now appears to be in her late teens rather than early. Her hair has been lightened and, in general, her features are more realistic than the somewhat anime-styled Japanese version (on the left).

   Beyond this, Tecmo has also seen fit to alter the character's clothes from the Japanese school uniform garb of the original to something slightly simpler and has added a few inches to her frame. It's unknown at this point if Tecmo plans any other changes for game.

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