Hundred Swords PC arrives in America

[03.07.02] » Expensive Japanese Dreamcast game magically transformed into a budget PC title in English.

   While the life of the Dreamcast saw Sega bringing most of their Japanese output to U.S. shores, Smilebit's real time strategy game Hundred Swords managed to slip between the cracks. In a surprising move, Sega announced back in September that the PC version of the game would be arriving in the states, but the projected release date of October came and went, with no sign of the game.

   However, Hundred Swords was later picked up by Activision's budget division, and the game has miraculously found its way to stores. The PC version has support for multiplayer games over a LAN or TCP/IP connection and weighs in at a budget price of $19.99. It also features budget amenities such as no jewel cases or printed manual. To make up for this, the PC release also includes the puzzle game Sega Swirl, just in case you didn't get it from one of its dozen or so other appearences on demo discs, web browsers, or free samples.

   While the GIA has no plans to review the PC realease of Hundred Swords, this may not be the last we hear of the game. Sega has already announced a PlayStation 2 port and, considering a full English translation is already finished, a US console release may still be in the cards.

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Hundred Swords
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