List of Confirmed E3 Titles

[05.10.01] » As E3 approaches, sites nail down what will be on the show floor; Pokémon Advance listed. recently posted a list of confirmed titles for next week's Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. While most publishers seem to be saving their surprises for the show itself, one unexpected game did show up on the confirmed list -- Pokémon Advanced. While Nintendo previously stated that Pokémon won't be arriving on the GBA until 2002, the company has already revealed several of the new monsters designs for the sequel. An E3 showing in some form would be a logical next step in the inevitable slow-building hype.

   The confirmed games which fall into the GIA's realm of coverage are listed below. Keep in mind that this is only a tentative list, further games will likely be revealed as the show's May 17 start date approaches.


PlayStation 2


Game Boy Advance

Game Boy Color



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