Pokémon Crystal

   As the major console developers take the first baby steps towards online gameplay, their strongest RPG franchises are leading the way - Square's Final Fantasy XI, Sega's Phantasy Star Online, and now Nintendo's Pokémon Crystal. Of all these games, Pokémon Crystal plays takes the safest route by keeping established gameplay elements and simply adding an online twist.

 Hi, I'll be your gym leader today.
New battle modes

   In fact, "Pokécrystal" will both take Nintendo's latest franchise online and launch its newest piece of hardware, the Mobile Adapter GB. To be released the same day as Pokémon Crystal, the adapter allows Gameboy to go online through a cell phone. Unlike the fledging market for such connections in this country, over half of all internet users in Japan get online this way.

   This update may include no new Pokémon, but the ability to trade or fight across the internet and access network data adds an original new dimension to the same old training. Rare Pokémon such Mew may now be stashed away online, and judging from special challenges buried deep inside games like Mario Golf and Mario Tennis, Nintendo will be patient in revealing all the game's secrets.

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"New" trainers

   Also new to Pokémon Crystal is a playable female trainer. Her name has not yet been revealed, and it is unknown whether a choice in trainers will affect the story in any way. Another new touch is actual animations for the Pokémon in battle. Don't expect Soul Calibur GB, but the little monsters spout more flames and throw more punches than ever.

   Unfortunately, American gamers may not see Pokémon Crystal in all its online glory. When asked about the possibility of the Mobile GB Adapter comig stateside, Nintendo's Jim Merrick stated that the technology isn't directly applicable from one country to the next, especially due to Japan's compact population and nearly universal use of cell phones. Look for official word after this fall's launch of Pokémon Gold and Silver in the U.S. and Pokémon Crystal's December 14th release in Japan.

Preview by Ed McGlothlin, GIA.
Pokémon Crystal
Developer Game Freak
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Traditional RPG
Medium Cartridge (?)
Platform Game Boy Color
Release Date  12.14.00
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