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[05.23.01] » See more of Seymour. (Potential spoilers within.)

   More information on Final Fantasy X's world and characters has been revealed in the pages of V-Jump. The previously revealed "Seymour" character is not necessarily a villain as many assumed; while he may appear extremely similar to Final Fantasy IX villain Kuja, his motives are still hazy.

   Twenty eight years old, Seymour Guado is the current head of the demi-human Guado tribe. (While Seymour's name has been confirmed, "Guado" is an unofficial translation.) Seymour, however, is only half-Guado: His father was Ziscal, the previous Guado chief, but his mother was a human. Caught in between two races, he purports to fight against inequality and is consequently a popular public figure.

   Seymour is not just the head of the Guado tribe, but a leader in the Ebon religion as well. The predominant religion of Final Fantasy X's world, Ebon teaches that technology must never be used unless absolutely necessary, which is sure to make it a popular faith with many RPG fans. Ebon temples are scattered throughout Spira; under the leadership of Sage Seymour, they provide support to the Summoners.

   In his tales, Seymour speaks of two important historical figures, whose names have been unofficially translated as Yunalesca and Zeion. V-Jump speculates that this pair once saved Spira from some great evil, possibly Sin. The parallels between the name "Yunalesca" and the modern "Yuna" are fairly obvious. Indeed, Seymour says that he will support Yuna as Zeion once supported Yunalesca. And how does he plan to do this? By marrying Yuna, of course! The V-Jump story features 11 screens and 2 renders of the blushing bride and the freakishly-coifed groom. We at the GIA wish them all the happiness in the world.

   Thanks to Nick Rox for the V-Jump translations. Nick rox0rZ our sox0rZ.

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