New Metroid games placed on series timeline

[05.15.01] » One prequel, one sequel.

   As previously reported, several domains bearing the name "Metroid Prime" were snapped up recently by buyers with bizarre registration names, leading people to speculate that Nintendo was considering the title "Metroid Prime" for one of its two upcoming Metroid games, and that it would be a prequel. More fuel is being added to the fire, as IGNCube has talked to a source "close to Retro Studios," who lends credence to that theory by saying "The Metroid Chronology as I know it: Metroid [GameCube], Metroid 1 NES, Metroid 2 GB, Metroid 3 SNES, and Metroid 4 GBA. Since Retro couldn't get Metroid 4, they had to get imaginative."

   The GameCube Metroid title will be unveiled at Nintendo's pre-E3 press conference on Wednesday; it's possible that the Game Boy Advance version will be revealed as well.

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