E3: Sony unveils Frequency

[05.17.00] » Well-known electronica artists sign-on with Sony for a new rhythm title.

    Sandwiched between the dry sales figures and big name titles at Sony's press conference at E3 today was an intriguing, previously unannounced first-party music game. Developed by Harmonix, Frequency combines rhythm based gameplay with stark colorful graphics reminiscent of a classic vector arcade game.

   Frequency requires gamers to remix songs, one instrument at a time. Starting with a single instrument, such as drums or guitar, players must press the the appropriate button in time to the music to add that mix it into the song. Missing the timing will lower the players' "music juice," and all the instruments must successful completed before their "music juice" runs out.

   In addition to to the standard single player Frequency will also offer 4-player competitive and co-op play using the PS2 upcoming online capabilities. Players will be able to send a completed remix over the net, and the new mix can be played by others as a new level.

   How exactly this gameplay will pan out is still unknown, but the artist involved should be immediately recognizable to fans of electronic music. Crystal Method, BT, DJ QBert, Juno Reactor, and Dub Pistols will all be contributing songs. Though the list of contributors so far focuses largely on electronica, Sony promises the final game will include other genres, such as rap and alternative rock, and over 20 tracks each with its own video accompaniment.

  No release date was mentioned for Frequency, but look for more details on the game once the GIA gets to spend some time with it.

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