E3: Dragon Warrior VII impressions

[05.23.01] » Can Enix replicate Japanese success in the U.S.?

   In addition to their two Game Boy Color RPGs (Dragon Warrior III and Dragon Warrior Monster II), Enix had PlayStation RPG Dragon Warrior VII on display. Though still a little rough around the edges, the English translation helped convey the humor and personality that helped make Dragon Quest VII the best-selling PlayStation game of all-time in Japan. Enix is hard at work at polishing the translation and reworking the English font.

   Otherwise, the game appears unchanged from the popular Japanese version. The fast battles go just as quickly in the English version; random encounters are a breeze. In fact, there's very little to say other than it was in English, and that Enix is clearly working hard on the translation to make it the best possible. Um ... Raise the roof.

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Dragon Warrior VII
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