E3: New Golden Sun details

[05.18.01] » Four-player mode, release date, and potential sequels announced.

   Nintendo has revealed more details on its Game Boy Advance RPG Golden Sun. A four-player link cable mode has now been confirmed for inclusion in the game; while Golden Sun's link cable support was announced long ago, it was previously unknown whether players could actually play together over the cable or just swap items. Unfortunately, there's no word yet on how Golden Sun's fairly traditional RPG gameplay will be adapted for four-player simultaneous gameplay.

   Nintendo also announced that Golden Sun's North American ship date is now set for sometime in October. The Japanese version remains on track for a July release.

   Finally, it appears that more Golden Sun games are indeed in the works, as has been rumored in the past. Nintendo refers to the game as "the dawning of the Golden Sun series," a strong indication that a sequel is planned. Developer Camelot has already confirmed that it's working on a GameCube RPG; this title could well prove to be the next installment in the series.

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