E3: Still more Final Fantasy IV translation news

[05.18.01] » New character names, plus a porn magazine screenshot. Rally ho!

   More details on the new English translation of Final Fantasy IV continue to trickle in. Many of the spells and items have been changed back to their original Japanese names -- for example, the "Heal" spell is now "Esuna", the "Carrot" used to summon the Big Chocobo is now "Gysahl [Greens]", and the "Poison [Claw]" is the "HellClaw."

   The "Tower of Bab-il" has had the hyphen in its name removed and is now known as "Babil"; an improvement though still not an entirely correct name. The dwarves' cry of "Lali ho!" has been changed to "Rally ho!", as it was in the English version of Final Fantasy IX.

   Finally, as seen in the screenshot below, the elusive porn magazine item cut from the original English is indeed available in the retranslation.

   Thanks to Barubary and AN Pluto for the news and photo. For a more comprehensive look at the FF IV portion of Final Fantasy Chronicles, check out our full impressions of the title.

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