More information on Tales of Destiny 2

[05.09.01] » American version of Tales of Eternia to receive new opening theme.

   Yet another confirmation of Tales of Eternia's imminent arrival in the US has come from an unlikely source. In an email to RPGFan, Tommy Tallarico, the well-known American game music composer, notified the site that Namco "decided to use a different source for the opening for Tales of Destiny 2." Released as Tales of Eternia in Japan, Tales of Destiny 2 should be arriving in the US sometime this winter.

  Namco previously employed Tommy Tallarico Studios to compose a new song to replace the Japanese opening theme in the first Tales of Destiny. It now seems opening song for the sequel will also suffer a similar change, though it is possible that Namco is having the original song re-dubbed with English vocals.

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