GameCube price, launch details leaked

[05.21.01] » Anonymous source provides Nikkei News Service with info.

    An anonymous source within Nintendo has provided Japan's Nikkei English News Service with details on the corporation's upcoming GameCube launches. Available on November 5, the U.S. version of the system will be priced at $199.95, while the software will average $49.90 each. The Japanese releases will be similarly priced, clocking in at 25,000 yen and 6800 yen respectively. While no exact details were revealed as to the number of pieces of hardware that would be available in each territory, Nintendo is planning on shipping 2.5 million units worldwide by the end of 2001. In addition, Nintendo says that it can produce upwards to 600,000 GameCubes each month to meet this goal that it has set for itself.

    Nintendo plans to issue a press release regarding the leaked information later today. More details will be released on May 24th, the original date that the pricing was supposed to be announced.

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